Combat Corner PRO Super Sparring Gloves

Combat Corner puts a tremendous amount of time, research and thought into all their products. That being said, I think their sparring gloves are a prime example of all the work they put into all their products. After owning the previous version of the training gloves, I didn’t see much room for improvement. Dan and his team however, always on cutting edge, went back to the drawing board spending over a year in development, and released what promises to be their best sparring glove to date. Like it's predecessor, the new glove is constructed of 100% top-quality leather. With a red, black and white multi-colored design and logo placement, the glove not only performs but looks the part as well. The 16 oz. glove is specifically designed to not be big or bulky, yet provide the ultimate protection for both you and your sparring partner. This is accomplished with a unique four-layer padding compound providing superior protection. With an attached thumb and a 3.5" leather hook and loop wrist wrap, you don't have to worry about your thumbs or wrists either. Hands down, one of the (if not the) best sparring gloves on the market and as with Combat Corner's entire lineup, you won't break the bank either.