Combat-Do Fighting Challenge Dec17

This is the last fight of the year!!!
Alot of tough local fighters in the 155 pound division.
Jay Estrada 155 9-4-0 Combat-Do
Eddy Flores 155 1-1 Combat-Do
Charles Williams 155 2-0 Super Kicks
Timothy Moross 155 0-2 Gilbert Grappling

Darin Matthew 155 1-1 Nikko Ki
Derrick Lingonnie 155 1-0 Iron Academy
Enrique Guzman 155 Combat-Do

A good bunch of 170 lbs fighters
R.D. Tondini 170 0-2
Ben Nugyen 170 1-1
Alex Carter 170
Joe Benoit 170 1-0
Mark Miller 170

Many more good match ups!!
If you are interested in competing e-mail


Concordia Theater Located in Cicero Ilinois on Cermak ave, 1-708-222-8100 for info

Sent you an e-mail!

IrishSlugger21 I didn't get it please send it again

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The e-mail's I've sent lately have all been delayed for some reason!

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good luck!




should be awsome as always!


The BIGGGGG fight of the night is really Big
Antoine Herc Hayes 305 vs another 305 pounder thats Six hundred and 10 pounds of raging extreme combat!!!

you have mail.

Did "Herc" ref mat #2 at the Chicago Combat Challenge. If so, he's a real nice guy. After I argued a call about hooks being in for one of my teammates, he calmly came up to me and explained why he didn't give him the points right away after the match. A lot of refs would have been dicks about it or just not bothered explaining his reason. I think he thought i was giving him shit though afterwards lol, which I wasn't.

Jay Estrada will be working his way back, looking forward to getting a chance to take on Clay Guida sometime next year.


tristan, that was herc. i can understand how you were confused. we look a lot alike.

wow, nothing like reffing a match where the combined weight is over four times my weight.