Combat-Do Fighting Challenge Dec17


lol, tim are you reffing that fight? if you have to jump in to stop it, you
may just bounce off of them.

Those two monsters will block out Timmy if they fall on him he will die!!


I hope it's in a cage, I'd hate to see two guys that big go through the ropes in a ring.

We are going to reinforce the cage!

there gonna leave a crater!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Chris what happened to you on sunday???

we were on our way out the door, i was loading all there stuff in the trunk only to realize that 90% of the east wall of our home was spread out over 100 yards of the park in my back yard.

over 5000.00 worth of damage. another piece of my house blew off and slammed into my neighbors house
not causing little if any damage to there home, but
they were total assholes about it.

it was a very bad day and has been ever since. my insurance company are a bunch of twat crook's that want to take short cuts and not repair it the way it should be.

i apologise to every one for not being a part of the tournie. i think most of you know how i feel about the sport and especialy the tournies. this was only the 2nd tournie i have missed in 5 yrs or so.

bummer is all i can say!





Congratulations to Jay Estrada in his dominating victory in Iron Heart Crown! Jay will be at the Combat-Do fighting challenge to add another victory!



tt tizzle

Great job jay!As usual,you looked really good in an impressive win.

JAy of youre reading this, you've got to show me the chin to the eyeball submission next time you train with us :)

congrats man.

herc u fighting on this card ,cool....good luck to you and eddy! Master B!, i know i've been slacking but ill be in soon....enrique,