Combat-Do fighting Challengre 17

 Still looking for Amatuer fighters for the May 9th Combat-Do Fighting Challenge 17.

 Here is a list of some great fighters that got going by fighting in the Combat-Do fighting Challenge.

Clay Guida

Mike Russow

Shonie Carter

Luke Caudillo

Steve Berger

Keith Wisnewski

Henry Mattamouros

Nick Thompson

Derrick Noble

Bart Palasewski

Rey Garza

David Wazwaz

Joe Benoit

Tommy Lee

Jason Guida

Josh Schirmer

Eddie Flores

Jay Estrada

Marcos Estrada

Lazar Stensovic

Adam Majewevski

Brian Gassaway

Terry Martin

Antoine "Herc" Hayes





and Keith Jardine was supposed to fight Terry Martin but Keith got invited to film some tv show.


Catholic league Champions Boxing : Carlos Hernandez Jr., Angelo Rivera Jr.,Win Catholic League Title  and Jose Mariscal went to watch his two teammates fight, The 167 lb finalist didn't show so Jose at 145 lbs took the fight and out boxed his heavier opponent all three rounds becoming the first public league boxer to win the Catholic league Title. Pearl won the 147 lb Golden Gloves womans Title. Angelo Rivera Junior alos won the DeLasalle Title on Sunday. Combat-Do boxers went 5-0 awesome weekend.







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Email me I need results from Combat-Do Fighting Challenge 7, if they are available?



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