Combat Do's event rules (illinois)

You guys have probably read about me and Master Bob Schirmer not liking each other in the least bit... which all started because of his Rules at his event, and what happened to my fighter.. Let's put our hatred for each other aside for a moment..... The mixed Martial Arts Fighters, Cornermen, managers, and trainers need to be aware of Bob Schirmers MMA rules at Combat Do Challenge in Chicago. Illinois, so there are No Surprises if you guys fight for him. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't...but you all need to be aware of a few rules at his show.....cont....

I spoke to Bob Schirmer last night... He informed me he has the fighter safety as his number one concern. O.K. cool. I believe him, and that's the way it should be. Bob informed me he's the reason MMA became Legal in Illnois, and him and only him are the reason guys like me can do shows. That's cool. Not sure if it's true, but who cares. I was very concerned about the whistle blowing rule at his show, and i finally got an answer from Bob himself. My fighter faught in his show, and was put in a rear naked choke, and was fighting out of it, but could have been in trouble of getting tapped. cont....

All of a sudden you hear this whistle start blowing, and the ref is standing there watching the fight, and all of a sudden the cage door opens and this guy runs in and stops the fight, with the ref just looking down at the fighters. The guy was the doctor. The fight was over. The Doctor said he thought my guy tapped and was in trouble. Bob, personally told me he has this whistle at Combat Do Challenge when the whistle is blown from outside the cage walls, this is to inform the Ref, the fighter is in trouble, and the Doctor has the right to stop the fight.Well, that's exactly what happened to our guy, which was fighting Bob's top student, Jay Estrada. (no disrespect to Jay Estrada, it's not his fault) No disrespect to Anybody for that matter.... I'm just trying to understand all this.. Bob, tells me it's totally for fighters safety... cont....

Would you feel comfortable at an event where this is an outside whistle, knowing when that thing blows, you can lose the fight, and have an outside source stop it, without even speaking to the ref??? Am i the bad guy here? I think it's one of these things where people are scared or chickenshit to speak their mind, regarding this. Are they scared of Master Bob or what? I cannot believe someone hasn't informed the MMA community of such a unique and strange rule. I still could not believe what i was hearing coming from this guy mouth, regarding this whistle, and the Doctor being told he can stop the fight from afar. Am i missing something here?, because this has bothered me greatly. This is how much passion i have for this sport. So, fault me for that. Don't fault me for trying to understand this, in order for all the other fighters and MMA camps who fight for Combat Do, know exactly what they are getting into. If your just fighting for fun, cool, but guys who take their careers seriously, this is a huge problem. Think about it?? I'm not saying don't fight for Bob Schirmer. I'm saying you better understand this, before it's too late, like what happened to us. I'm going to try to post the video..


Good job Jason--

with bob's fights being so close to Chicago, the commission watches very carefully. the whistle incident happened because one week prior, Jason Black dislocated his arm, the ref didn't see it and Jason was put at risk cus the ref let it keep going.

the commission was up bobs ass and they came up with the idea so that if the ref didn't see it, the fight could be stopped and the fighter not injured anymore. obviously it didn't work out so the fight is being declared a no contest and the whistle isn't being used.

y'all have to understand that the commission is hard-core and petty. they want to keep boxing big and mma illegal. they insist on last minute changes, new ideas, etc or they will shut down a show. it sucks and it will pass but for now they hold all the cards.

good job, weren't you on my ass about being too aggressive? LOL j/k Was this better?

Much better! LOL. (keeps the detractors at bay--same message gets accross!).

timmyfront, Come on man. Do you really believe this? Maybe they did. (It's hard for me to comprehend, they would come up with a whistle. Sounds like that Doctors idea to me. That guy is an amazing cat, and in my opinion that Doctor is very very paranoid) Keep in mind, that doctor has given me pre fight physicals before. He actually makes me paranoid. I would never fight at another event he's ringside at. As a matter of fact, this will be the first question i ask in the midwest when i fight. Who's the Doctor? From his personal comments to me before my fights, i do not think MMA is for him. I am in contact with the commision, sending all my paperwork in, ect... all the time. How come they never once mentioned a damn whistle to myself, or any of the other promoters in Illinois. (Bob did not tell me the commission told him he had to have a whistle) I think if that was true, he would have told me that last night. If they did tell Bob he had to have a whistle then he's the only promoter in Illinois they told this to. Blowing a whistle makes the show a disaster. This is why we have good, experienced, quality referee's. Most of my refs have faught MMA before, and have reffed well over 250 fights. Usually Matt Hughes is my Referee. A whistle. Man, that's just makes me laugh. Can you imagine if there was a whistle from ringside in professional boxing.

There will always be detractors. you have friends, you have a few enemies. It's all good. (Except him and I get to fight each other, at his request, his voice-mails) I just think as Illinois promoters we all need to be on the same page. This is why we need one sanctioning body, with one set of concrete rules. If not, records don't mean much, because depending on what event you fight in and what rules each decide to have, could determine if you win or lose. When you have this, you don't have the true facts or skill level of a fighter. It's not good for MMA as a whole. just my opinion. It's beyond the no contest thing with my guy.

I agree entirely with that above. It would be of much benefit to MMA to have a uniform sanctioning body.

We always want to make the commission happy and follow their rules, but i do not think we have to water down MMA anymore than it's already been watered down. I don't think the commission expects us to either. A whistle could actually be a dangerous thing, if you stop and think about it.

we should all use one sanctioning body which we all agree upon, and stick to it.


"A whistle could actually be a dangerous thing, if you stop and think about it."

I agree. Corners with towels and competent referees should be enough--risks are inherent if you start adding additional elements.

The fighters are fighting hard, a whistle blows, the ref is a little confused, one fighter stops, (doesn't matter which one) and takes more damage with no defense. Both corners are irrate. Yes, the whistle is a disaster, which can also create FIGHTS and disagreements from cornerman, and Fans. Not to mention keeping someone very busy with appeals. Nobody's going to agree on a whistle. Anybody who's been around professional fighting for a long time, like myself (including the commission) should know this. This whole thing was fishy to me from the beginning, and to be honest it still is.

When i asked Bob about the announcement of one particular fight being a draw, because they had 7 judges, he said that was announced as a joke. There were not seven judges. Something about he was handed more scorecards by mistake, and he made the 7 judges comment as a joke. I swear to God he told me this. I don't know about you, but MMA is not funny to me. It's very serious business, and it's not to be mocked, especially when your messing around with fighters records ect...

I speak about facts at hand. I make nothing up, and i can prove and stand by all the comments i make. I never started this to try and harm Bob's reputation. That's not my style. I like to see everyone do good, who's hearts in the right place. I just have a difficult time getting over what the man told me on the phone last night, pertaining to his MMA rules. He actually thinks like a legend in his own mind, that he's the reason, we are able to do shows in Illinois. Is he God's gift to MMA?? I don't think so. I ain't forgetting about his ignorant ass messages he left on my wife's phone either. I saved them so people will know the reason this fight is taking place.