Combat & Gender Training

Many dojo’s today have adopted the concept of [Women’s Only
classes]. While this may have some commercial appeal, I view it as a
negative for women who are interested in defensive training. Women
who do not regularly train with men deceive themselves about the
realities of combat. Since women are seldom seriously assaulted by
other women , they should learn to contend with the power of a male
attacker. The success enjoyed by women who compete in sport fighting
is in direct proportion to their willingness to spar with men.

Even these dojo " tests of skill " are poor measuring sticks for ones
ability to survive a real assault. It is a disservice to women if training is
geared only for sport or "exercise". If a dojo advertises that it teaches
"Women's Self Defense" , it must include weapons training .Only
weapons can off-set the size and strength advantage of a male
attacker. I believe that women should be taught the use of proven,
effective tools such as firearms and edged weapons. Chemical sprays
and impact tools can also be utilized as long as one recognizes their
limitations. Of course this training and it’s everyday application should
fit within the framework of laws and legal constraints of the students
particular country, government, city , etc. If the dojo staff is untrained
in these areas, guest instructors should be utilized.

Unarmed techniques should then be taught to women should they be
unable to access a weapon, be disarmed or have their weapon
malfunction. . They should be allowed to use full speed, full power
responses. Trainers should be padded accordingly. In addition,
scenarios should be used to simulate "real lifesituations". In today's
society this means multiple/weapons wielding assailants who try to
take their victims completely off-guard! Now you will truly be

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I agree with what you're saying - if someone intends to train for self defense, then what you're outlining is indeed an ideal situation.

I think one of the reasons 'women only' classes evolved though, was just to get women IN to the school in the first place. There are lots of women who just aren't comfortable going into a coed or male dominated environment, but might come in for training in a female only scenario.

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