combat hapkido

do you have an opinion on this style.It has no forms and seems to stress self defense.They also have a ground grappling curriculum.Is it worth my time?

A few comments on choosing a school:

WIth respect to combat hapkido, while Ive heard the name, I'm not familiar with the specifics or curricula...

Next, you need to decide what you really want from the training, that'll help determine where you go.

And like any program [mine included] the value and merit of a class is proportional to the passion and ability of the instructor's instructors.



I've trained in a few different martial arts, including military combat styles (Hisardut and Krav Maga, which are both taught to the Israeli military forces) and I also believe Mr. Blauer's "style" is superior to all the others I've seen out there.

I haven't seen any style that makes you put on gear and just fight like you would out in the street, like the Panic Attack drills taught by Mr. Blauer. There are self-defense seminars that have you put on gear and wail on each other, but no official martial arts school that I'm aware of.

No school that I'm aware of goes through the mental aspects and pre-fight preparedness that Mr. Blauer's system does. Non-aggressive stances, choice speech designed to diffuse a confrontation, verbal assault drills, and, if necessary, sucker punch tactics.

What you might consider is training in combat hapkido to get in shape, perfect some fighting tools, and gain experience sparring. Supplement that training with Mr. Blauer's videos and make his tactics your own.

That's what I've been doing for the last year, and I believe I am MUCH better prepared to defend myself than if I just trained in the dojo style martial arts that are so common.

Thank you all for the nice comments.

While some may construe some of the comments as 'put downs' of other methods, they are not...without live interactive communication, a lot is I want to remind all about the limitations of posting on threads.

To help explain what I mean is that my system, as diefined by me and as interpreted by those who've posted, is purley about understanding how to train for personal safety based on your goals, fears, lifestyle, awreness etc...and it changes as you do...that is the connection people who really discover the PDR method, SPEAR SYSTEM, etc.

Styles, no matter how great the research, or the master, limit the personal expression of the practitioner who is bound by default to the parameters and limitations of a controlled method of the training; that is the nature and reality of 'style'.


Becasue, once a system is organzied, codified, structured, graded, and assembled into steps & stages then linear logic, osmosis and our behavioral organzational limitations coupled with our Pavlovian need for feedback and praise aligns us with the goals and map of the system we are investing in.

Whats interesting is that only a select group are able to grasp this truth, how many people from the eclectic community have criticized me for never giving concrete replies, how many LEO's have critiqued a Survival Course as missing structure, how many have misunderstood the map 'I hand over' at our PDR sessions and in my videos...not realizing the above...many so called experts do not see the meta-stucture of anti-structure, of replication vs simulation or adversity Murphy conversion drilling vs finessed technique drills and so on...and how this applies to tactical confidence, spontaneity and personal defense readiness.


thanx guys... I appreciate the info.

I believe (could be wrong) that PDR Team member
Sean Mulligan has done a bit of Combat Hapkido. He
might have some insight.

Awkward for Coach to comment specifically on specific systems. I've seen a tape series... I forget the name of the guy but it sounded Italian or something. It seemed like a step up from traditional martial arts, good ideas, not much that was new to me. They did some focus pads, kicking and locks if I recall.