Combat in the Cage 12/30

Our Combat in the Cage 12/30 show originally scheduled for The Kahunaville in Wilmington Delaware has been moved to the Woodbine Inn in Pennsauken NJ due to the closing of the Kahunaville.

Amateur Fighters interested in the show please contact me or call 215-266-4437

Already have most of the card full but some spots available...

We are also going to run a few amateur MT bouts...again interested fighters please e-mail me...

If I wasn't gonna be in Seattle that day I"d be more than happy to send guys... best of luck... too bad though as I liked the name "Kahunaville" :)

I loved the venue and the show was going to be a fun one... too bad they closed down, however the Woodbine is a great place and we are working it out to play the UFC after the fights...

just hope it's warmer than Asbury :) LOL @ Paul "the heat has been on since Wednesday"....

I thought it was 'warm' enough... at least it wasn't cold :)

TTT for easy commutes!


guys... going to be a fun show, working on getting the UFC after the show...will be lots of fun...

Interested fighters please contact me or call 215-266-4437

need a few fighters 155-159lbs and 174lb limit, please e-mail me at

Come watch the fights and then watch the UFC afterwards!

Sweet deal Ed.....Woodbine is nice...Been there a few times..


so, do we have the pleasure of your presence this time?

Amatuer Muay Thai =head gear and shinguards?

yes to the headgear and shin/instep guards...anyone from the FF interested? UFC afterwards...

I will be b-day's, no weddings, ....however, my wedding anniversary is 12/31 which I'm sure the fights will go into!


no, have to be over before the UFC starts at 10pm...the club will be showing it after the early morning fights this time! Perhaps for our 1/27 Amateur show where I have 25 fights...


lol @ Arias actually going.


I was going to Ed's shows b4 it was cool