Combat in the Cage Am MMA May 6

Combat in the Cage: Beginnings - May 6, 2006
Amateur MMA Cage Fighting
Magnolia, NJ
To fight on this card please contact Ed Hsu at  or call 215-266-4437
This is an Amateur MMA must provide a letter from your club/studio stating that you are qualified to compete in an Amateur MMA event.You must also provide documentation from a physician that you have had a physical...




Amatuer cage fights!!!
* puts down box of donuts and grabs gym bag....*

Excellent. so I'm not going to call you Ned "Bag-O-Donuts" Ryerson anymore. I promise.

Time to make th donuts...

hey Ted, you know someone thinks I am YOU.

"Ned Ryerson = lkfmdc"

Damn, it looks like I've got multiple personalities!!

lol @ tedfornes.

(edited because I realized blackmark wrote Ted and not Ned, for a
second I thought I had another personality lol)


TTT- I'll be at the Battle of Brooklyn on May 6th but still want to show
support for a great event.

I look forward to meeting you Ned.


Change in venue

Combat in the Cage-Beginnings

Eastern Regional High School
1401 Laurel Oak Road
Voorhees NJ 08043