combat in the cage im back in

excited to be back on this card.Rich franklin will be in attendance and now i get to watch doerkson not sure who im fighting they told me but i forgot.always a good time in AC dont be scared to buy me a drink if you can make this event.See you there

You forgot!

Hehe, good luck man. Saw you at KOTC Moline, Redemtion At The Fifty Fucking Below Wind Chill. I have pics if you want 'em.


Sherman Pendergarst (5-2) vs. Justin Eilers (9-5-1), hwt.


Leremy Johnson vs. Joe Doerksen, 205

Boban Simic (1-0) vs. Bryan Vetell (0-0), hwt.


Craig Gunder (1-1) vs. Tom Galechio (1-0), 170

Jamie Toney (4-2) vs. Billy Craparo (3-0), 170

Kevin Manderson (6-4-1) vs. John Mahlow (4-4), 155

Jerry Spiegel (4-17) vs. Eric Tavares (4-5), 185

Franklin Ferrer (1-0) vs. Stephan Cloud (0-0), 185

Anthony Montanaro (0-1) vs. Christian Geraci (0-1), 155

TBA vs. Scott Malloy (0-1), 155

I'm hoping the above post helps Spiegel's memory!

would malloy fight montanez at 170lbs.  Malloy started at that weight.  just wondering

"dont be scared to buy me a drink if you can make this event"

good technique to go ahead and put that out

Hope to have Malloy an opponent asap... he has been very patient.


monte is a ball buster now.Hey what do i gotta do to fix my record?its not great but its alot better than 4 and 17.i never cared about it before but now that it almost cost me a fight id like to fix it.My record is 10 17 and 1 and alot of my losses were bullshit as well as the draw but started out like 7 and 1 and most of them fights arent on there.

ttt for Speigel


Have to speak with FCF and Sherdog... make sure you have dates, event names, result times and opponents.

thanks monte im going to do thaT IT CAN ONLY HELP


I am sooooooo taking pics with the Miletich camp

mega TTT

when are the fights?

Combat in the Cage II
Sat. May 20,2006
Boardwalk Hall
Atlantic City,NJ

Main event:

Justin Eilers
vs. Sherman Pendergarst

info available at