Combat in the Cage11/11 bout order

Bout 1-Amateur MMA

Super Welterweight

Neil Mendez(Cordella Clan BJJ)-blue
Jeff Cressman(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 2-Amateur Muay Thai

Super Middleweight

Rinaldo Reyes(Joe Diamonds MMA)-blue
Ryan Dregger(Bucks County Kickboxing)-red

Bout 3-Amateur MMA


Andy Galvao(Team RGDA)-blue
Jonathan Zarnosky(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 4-Amateur MMA

Super Cruiserweight

Jose Ubiquez(Red Dragon Dojo)-blue
Andrew Riddles(Renzo Gracie/Ricardo Almeida)-red

Bout 5-Amateur MMA


Joe Diamond(Joe Diamond MMA)-blue
Barry Goodman(Gold Medal)-red

Bout 6-Amateur MMA

Super Heavyweight

Stephan Forte(Fight Factory)-blue
Rhys Hora(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 7-Amateur Muay Thai

Super Heavyweight

Dan Smith(Joe Diamonds MMA)-blue
T.J. Russ(Choice MA)-red

Bout 8-Amateur MMA

Super Lightweight

Orlando Maldano(America's Finest Karate/Kickboxing)-blue
Francis Evans(Team Maxercize/Cool Hearts Muay Thai)-red

Bout 9-Amateur MMA

Light Heavyweight

David Elias(Core MA)-blue
Sam Augello(Militech NY)-red

Bout 10-Amateur MMA

Super Heavyweight

Shane Ott(Anthracite Combat Club)-blue
Bryan Edwards(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 11-Amateur MMA

Light Heavyweight

Joel Nott(Shamrock Submission)-blue
Massimo Barrella(Goju-Ryu)red

Bout 12-Amateur MMA


Chris Dipetro(Fight Factory)-blue
Tuan Pham(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 13-Amateur MMA

Super Featherweight

Nick Buff(Eclectic MA)-blue
Matt Feroni(Choice MA)-red

Bout 14-Amateur MMA

Super Lightweight

Emmanuel Rose(Joe Diamonds MMA)-blue
Joe Cargado(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 15-Amateur MMA

Super Heavyweight

Ricardo Romero(Advanced MA)-blue
Dave Concepcion(Team Quiet Storm)-red

Bout 16-Amateur MMA


Steve Gaugler(Zen Dragon)-blue
Mike Groves(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 17-Amateur MMA

Light Heavyweight

Mike Saliski(Ocean County MA)-blue
Jesse Briggs(Renzo Gracie/Ricardo Almeida)-red

Bout 18-Amateur MMA

Light Heavyweight

Kenny Goy(Advanced MA)-blue
Matt Makowski(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

Bout 19-Amateur MMA

Super Cruiserweight

Aaron Salisbury(Team RGDA)-blue
Aaron Miesner(Team MFS/Daddis)-red

USKBA Amateur MMA Northeast Middleweight Championship

Phil Ferrero(Eclectic MA)-blue
Al Iaquinta(Militech NY)-red

i thought Joe Diamond was a pro , guess not ...

Tickets are available at

no, joe has never fought professionally on

Good luck to Joe Diamond. That fight is gonna be the highlight of the night. AWESOME!

Jeff Takotey

This is gonna be an excellent show - see you there!

Also, when you see Team MFS/Daddis coach Brad Daddis, be sure to congratulate him on the birth of his first child on Wednesday - 8lb baby girl Ryan!

thank god I live right around the corner!

TTT for dumpag...REVOLT!!!

Congrats to Brad... he will be there to support his team this weekend...thats dedication!

no Dumpag representative...

Filipinos will be in the house reagrdless

I was curious as to what kind of background Joe Diamonds opponent has , because I think that Joe is a blackbelt under one of the Gracie's, going to make for an interesting match for sure

okay nevermind i answered my own question ...found this on yahoo search
Joe Diamond is one of the official representative and coaches of the Rickson International Jiu-Jitsu Association. Joe is a Siam Muay Thai Senior Instructor/Trainer certified by Sakasem Fairtex. He holds a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, brown belt in Judo and brown belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. He has captured numerous titles in Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling Vale Tudo and Mixed Martial Arts. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he went to Cherry Hill High School in New Jersey where he was involved in wrestling and football.

this is probably why i thought he was professional , you would think he would be at least.

In case anyone needs clarification. Joe=Bad mother f**ker

Jeff Takotety
Joe Diamond's MMA

See you guys there!

Joe Diamond is a bjj black belt

Ed what time is this thing starting!?

first fight at 8pm