Combat KI

If your asking whether or not I'm worried about a juko kai student, the answer is not in the least, this is more or less a rhetorical question dealing with the question, what if what you think should work doesn't, where do you go from there.


I'm not saying I would necessarily do an eye gouge first. My point was I'm certain whatever mystical powers they claim to have it won't protect their eyes from a thumb being driven into them. As Sean said, the eyes could be their "kryptonite."

Blows to the throat and groin tend to be straight shots, and maybe, just maybe, they know how to absorb the blow and take the hit without being debilitated. I doubt they would do as well against an angled shot like a right hook to the jaw or a side kick to the side of the knee.

The ultimate question is, sure they may be able to meditate and focus and absorb a single blow to the groin and throat, but can they do it under combative conditions against a flurry of strikes all over the body, not just the throat and groin? If not, the technique is only useful in a dojo under controlled conditions, which isn't very realistic or practical.

"Don't do your best move, but the worst move for your opponent!"

These individuals may display great feats of strength in a static environment against a known training partner and with the knowledge of how and where they will be attacked, but in a real fight none of this will be present.

Everyone has their weakness, even Superman had his Kryptonite!


I agree with you on that, but is your first response to an active threat going to be an eye-gouge. If so then you are safe from these people I guess, but my first response is not an eye-gouge. It's a jab to the throat or a kick to the groin, I think it is more civil, but maybe I should change my tactics.

If they can use their combat ki to defend against an eye-gouge I'll be impressed.

3 questions for Mr. Blauer,
1. Have you heard of the JukoKai school and their Combat Ki training.
If not they are the school that says their students can be struck anywhere with any amount of force and not feel pain
2. What do you think about them, do you believe them, because I have seen some pretty convincing video from credible sources.
3. If an individual could be struck in the throat or kick in the groin with no adverse affects, how do you proactively defend yourself? If running is not currently an option.

This is their web site
This is 3 articles from their web site.

As always you have a point, You are well recieved.
Thank you.

I understand your point SSonnon, but isn't part of unconditional survival being able to react to any of your opponets abilities?

To ponder:

"No one has ever won a fight on 'defense'"

-TCMS Maxim


I have multiple ranks in Juko-Kai; none however in Combat Ki. My instructor was on TV for combat ki, and I have personaly kicked him in the balls three times in a row as hard as possible, and I have broken a known MMA wrestlers arm with a round house kick. It did not phase him at all. Also I hit him in the throat with a ko-ko-uchi (Spelling?) It is real.

dominate- that just means that he has a high pain tolerance- it is one among many other variables in a fight. Can he verbally diffuse? Use footwork to confuse attackers? Run?



"Defense is a subordinate postion, it means someone else is doing somethign to you!" -TCMS maxim

"When we have time to fortify, perhaps we can weather the storm, but when the storm hits without warning, damage is ineveitable" -TCMS maxim being squeezed through a Confucious filter