Combat Mission Series?

anyone here play it? supposed to be the most complex, intricate wargame sim out there. i'm thinking of picking it up. if i do so, would anyone like to get some PBEM going?

I got 2 of them: From Barbarossa to Berlin & Afrika Corps

Its pretty good and alot of fun. It's pretty cheap if you get it from their website (which is the only place you can get Afrika Corps).

I havent played any other war sim so I dont know how it rates but I heard that it was one of the best as well. It got great reviews from every place I read. I'd say its definately worth picking up.

got all three of them off bittorrent(CM:Beyond Overlord,CM:Barbarossa,Afrika Corps) but wouldn't mind buying them after trying them out.

Really good stuff, definately worth checking out. You could probably buy first one for real cheap now if you want to try it out. And don't worry about it being the first in the series, they've improved but not that much. There are a tonn of missions and some multiplayer.


if you like ww2 tactical games check out Silent Storm

Not even the same league.

The Combat Mission games are exhaustively researched and detailed. If it happens in the game, it could have happened in the war. The game is nerve wracking, and awesome. When a tightly planned assault gets shredded by a Panther off to the side in a bunch of woods that you thought was clear, then you will know pain.

Graphics are not ideal, but serviceable, and the learning curve is a little steep, but any historical knowledge of WW2 actually helps you pick up the game.

The converse is also true: play the game a bunch and you will know about WW2 tactics and equipment.

can you customise the troops in the game?

Great game... soooo much depth.