Combat Nervousness???

What do you guys do to get rid of nervousness before a competition???

Go to Tony Blauer's website and get the competition coaching video.

I play it before tournaments for my team, and every single one of them has said it has helped tremendously.


I have competed someting like 6 or 7 times now, and now the nervousness is almost totally gone. So I'd say just compete as much as possible, win or lose it's good experience.

I do get a little nervous i think next tournament Im really gonna try to get it into my head and just pretend im at school training with a partner. Not looking to win so much. I honestly dont make it that much of an issue wether i win or lose it doesnt matter taht much to me I do like to compete thers just something in the back of my mind that says this is a lil more than a regular rollin session.