Combat rations of 20 armies around the world

The UK ration pack contains: Chicken sausage and beans; Mexican tuna pasta; paella; lemon cake; compote; Oat biscuit; raspberry jam; caramel cereal bar; apricot bar; salted cashews; sweets; hazelnut spread with cocoa; fruit drink; hot chocolate; coffee; coffee whitener; tea; Tabasco; sugar; water purification tablets; paper tissues; matches; chewing gums; wet wipes; spork and a re-usable bag


The US pack: Vegetarian ratatouille with pasta; hot snack crackers; crackers; almond poppy seed pound cake; peanut butter; tropical punch powder; salt; seasoning blend; sugar; coffee; coffee whitener; chewing gums; wet wipe; matches; toilet paper; plastic spoon; water-activated disposable heaters and a beverage bag


Denmark: Cereal mix with fruits; pasta with meat sauce; rye bread; biscuits; pate; toothpicks; biodegradable fork-spoon; jam; honey; hazelnut spread; protein bars; isotonic drink; compote; chocolate drink; coffee; tea; matches; raisins; nut mix; chewing gum; sugar; salt; pepper; tomato ketchup; wet wipes and a toothbrush


France: Beef tortellini; Oriental salad; salmon pate; instant soup; milky dessert; salted and sweet biscuits; coffee; tea; instant chocolate drink; sweets; nougat; fruit jelly; energy bar; muesli; isotonic drink powder; chocolate; jam; tissues; reheating kit; matches and water purification tablets

Spain: Chicken and pasta instant soup; baked beans with sausages; sardines in vegetable oil; apricot cream; water purification tablets; solid fuel tablets; isotonic drink; chewing gum; matches; stove; papers napkins; toothpaste; hand disinfectant; chocolate with almonds; almond nougat; sesame bar; sweets and isoenergetic gel with vitamins


Sweden: Yoghurt with breakfast flakes; chicken Rogan josh with rice; meatballs with pasta; sweets; peanut butter; nut cream; chocolate cake; oat biscuits; salted peanuts; honeyroasted peanuts; exotic fruit isotonic drink; chocolate drink; chewing gums; wet wipes and coffee

Tanzania: Chicken stew; rice; porridge; biscuits; mango drink; orange drink; coffee; tea; sugar; pepper; salt; wet wipe; paper napkin; matches; fuel tablets; water-activated disposable heaters and plastic cutlery


Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's international space station ration pack: Peas' brown rice; champignon mushrooms; mackerel' leek cream;quinoa; dried tomatoes and turmeric chicken
(A little off topic but still interesting)


Thailand: Yellow soup with fish; jasmine rice; beef with pepper and garlic; chilli powder; fish sauce; dried fruits and a plastic spoon


Estonia: Muesli; whole rye bread; coffee; chicken soup with noodles; dark chocolate with cornflakesand guarana; sweet crackers; toffees; tea; isotonic drink; sugar; salt; pepper; liver pâté; beef goulash; disinfectant wipes; plastic bag and matches


Holland: Tea; coffee; coffee whitener; sugar; chocolate drink; jam; fruit jelly; vitamin tablets; instant soups; broth powder; fruit drinks; chocolate biscuits; fruit filled biscuits; meat, fish, vegetable pâté; candied almonds; chocolate; sweets with vitamin C; sweets; sesame bar; sambal; oatmeal block; muesli; meat with peas and potatoes; hot chicken stew; chicken korma; beef and potato hotpot; ham, leeks and potato hotpot; zipper bags; matches; paper tissues; salt; pepper; chewing gums and toothpicks

American MRE for the win.

Shit all over the British rations. Phone Post 3.0

Israel: Chicken meatballs with rice; beef meatballs with rice; beans with tomato sauceRice stuffed grape leaves; vegetarian meal with rice and chickpeas; sweetcorn; green olives; tuna in vegetable oil; chocolate dessert; peanuts; halva; candied fruit mix with pineapple, pawpaw, raisin, and blueberries; plastic bags; tin opener and water-activated disposable heaters




Italy: Cereal and chocolate bar; fruit jellies; condensed milk; coffee; chocolate; sugar; salt, ravioli with meat sauce; pork in jelly; crackers; fruit salad; multivitamin tablets; bran tablets; pasta and beans; chicken in jelly; energetic bar' toothbrushes; kit for water disinfection; matches; toothpicks; paper rubbish bags; camp stove; fuel bars; napkins; plastic spoon; plastic cutlery

Slovenia: Coffee; coffee whitener; tea; vitamin drinks; sugar; vitamin sweets; energy bars; chocolate jam; chocolate muesli with dehydrated milk; dehydrated wild berry yogurt dessert; pasta with porcini; chicken and potato stew; fish and vegetable pâté; tuna in olive oil; bread; chewing gums; disinfectant wipes; can opener; rubbish bag; matches and plastic cutlery.


Lithuania: Beef stew with pearl barley; crackers; almonds; blackcurrant jam; cherry drink with vitamins; chocolate; chicken broth powde; sugar; wet wipe; matches; fuel tablets; water-activated disposable heaters; paper tray; cable tie and plastic spoon


New Zealand: Creamy chicken and potatoes; Thai lamb curry; chocolate biscuits; Marmite; tomato ketchup; salt; pepper; sugar; tea; coffee; condensed milk; waterproof matches; chocolate drink; scouring pad; cheese; muesli; isotonic drink; bread; instant soup; plastic bag; peanuts and raisins; chewing gums; chocolate; napkins; onion flakes; sweets; instant noodles; muesli bars and strawberry fruit grains

This thread could be amazing if I knew exactly what I was looking at!! What are these mystery packages!?

Germany: Ravioli with mushroom sauce; Indian rice with chicken cutlet; bread; biscuits; meat pâté; semolina with fruits;snack; jam; coffee; tea; sugar; coffee whitener; salt; fruit drinks; chocolate; chewing gums; water purification tablets; multipurpose paper; wet wipes and matches


Poland: Meat with rice and vegetables; canned pork; biscuits; raspberry jam; lemon tea; dried fruit mix; cereal and fruit bar; chewing gums; sweet with coffee extract; sweet with vitamin C; salt; pepper; plastic lid; napkin; wet wipe; toilet paper; zipper bag; plastic spoon; straw; hooks; water purification tablet and water-activated disposable heaters


Russia: Biscuits; Wholewheat biscuits; beef goulash; salted lard; liver pate; meat pate; beef with buckwheat semolina; meat with peas and carrots; ratatouille, fruit and berry concentrate; cheese spread; jam; compote; chocolate; tea; coffee; coffee whitener; sugar; salt; pepper; multivitamin tablets; chewing gums; sweets; water purification tablets; heater; waterproof matches; disinfectant wipes; paper napkins; plastic spoons and a plastic knife

Some countries actually eat real food/

Ukraine: Millet flour biscuits; canned meat; canned meat with cereals; canned meat with minced salami; canned fish; jam; tea; sugar; sweets; plastic spoons' paper napkins; disinfectant wipes; meat broth powder; fruit concentrate and multivitamin pills




















C-Rats were the best. Pound cake in a can? Yes please

These poor countries that still carry cans everywhere....

Rough Bearing - This thread could be amazing if I knew exactly what I was looking at!! What are these mystery packages!?

Patience young grasshopper.


Curtis_E_Bare - 
Rough Bearing - This thread could be amazing if I knew exactly what I was looking at!! What are these mystery packages!?

Patience young grasshopper.


chicken Rogan josh with rice?

WTF? Is Sweden eating one of Rogans relatives?

France: White flag, stick. Phone Post 3.0

I guess I'm the only one that thinks the US rations sound the most unappealing.

Cool Phone Post 3.0