Combat Sambo: Opinions?

I have posted something similar in the Judo/Sambo forum as well, but I think that the guys in there are a bit more concerned with sport training rather the self-defense/street-fighting.

Overall, what are you guys' opinion regarding Combat Sambo? Would you say that the stuff taught by reputable Combat Sambo instructors is valuable? Or would you say that some of it is valuable and some of it is unrealistic?

If you do believe that Combat Sambo as taught by a reputable instructor is of value, then which instructors would you say are the best resources to go to for instruction? Any videos or DVDs that you'd recommend?

Hello Fight Student,
If your martial art focus is based more on self defense than sport
you need to check out Brett Jacques Street Sambo Series.

 This is a great series that is not based on the sport side of Sambo, 

and has a ton of good information to help you modify many common
grappling techniques for a street encounter. I will chime up and give
some more details later (on lunch break ;-)

Mac Hege

I hope its better than Combat Aikido!

really depends on the instructor,
i have trained a few years in two VERY different styles of "Combat Sambo"

one focused on groundwork almost exclusively-it was basically judo+BJJ+leglocks

the other was just like training JKDC: standup,striking,grappling,leglocks,weapons,self preservation

i refuse to name names but one version was very weak and watered down while the other was actually a huge benefit to my overall game.