Combat Sambo?

Is combat Sambo more stand up self defense or a mix of stand up and ground work? There's a school in Mass run by Michael Galperin. Has anyone trained with him before or know who he is?

Thank you.

We do combat Sambo at my club and it's a little of both with leglocks, armlocks takedowns, throws and so forth. We just had Igor here and he showed us tons of techniques and explained the difference between Judo (Japanese and the Russian way of doing things. The combat stuff is pretty hard core.


I have never trained with Master Galperin however, I have only heard great things about him and his school.

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Stephen Koepfer President, American Sambo Association

Thank you!

Anyone else?

There's a combat sambo place near where I live. It looks like it's mainly stand-up self defense stuff. It reminds me a lot of Jujitsu and Hapkido. The instructor wasn't there but I asked the assistant about ground fighting and he said they don't really focus on it and he's taking BJJ on the side.

Is all rupokashni boi considered combat sambo, or only Spridionov/Oshpekov?

Because a lot of R Boi are composite styles with pretty diverse elements, depending on the unit.

poobear your from ontario right.

So there's no groundwork at the School of Combat Sambo (C.Q.C.S) in streetsville?

Can someone else verify that?? That's a bit odd to me...


yeah, I live in Hamilton, work in Toronto

I would be very suprised if they did not practice ground work.