Combat Sambo?

I have posted something similar in the Judo/Sambo forum as well, but I think that the guys in there are a bit more concerned with sport training rather the self-defense/street-fighting.

Overall, what are you guys' opinion regarding Combat Sambo? Would you say that the stuff taught by reputable Combat Sambo instructors is valuable? Or would you say that some of it is valuable and some of it is unrealistic?

If you do believe that Combat Sambo as taught by a reputable instructor is of value, then which instructors would you say are the best resources to go to for instruction? Any videos or DVDs that you'd recommend?

Marc Scott would be the best to answer this......but I think he's touring Europe right now

I have seen him pull of sambo moves in both empty hand and weapons sparring, and it looked not only impressive, but practical as well.

I've known several combat Sambo instructors. Some are so goodat both combatives AND sport sambo. I do not think tat is coincidental

IT's all sambo, but they have different directions. Scott Sonnen would be a great person to ask this Q to

Marc Scott is sick. I've tapped out so many times from his heelhook, kneebar combinations.

ttt for my boy Marc.