Combat Secrets Seminar Coming to Auckland

 Just a note on an upcoming combat conitioning seminar in Auckland to be run  by Spida Hunter

For serious combat fighters that are interested in breaking the bonds of traditionalism!

Attend the first of it’s kind combat seminar

“How to be the Strongest, Fastest, Fittest
& Most Powerful Combat Fighter in the ring today!!”

Attend the Combat Secrets Seminar & Learn the secrets that have enabled Shane “Choppa” Chapman & Jason “Psycho” Suttie to hurt in practice so they don’t bleed in battle!

Are you a combat fighter that is looking for the “edge” to out punch, kick, submit and or over power with surperior fitness anyone who enters your ring?!

If you are looking for the BEST in combat conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, Grappling then you have a fantastic opportunity ahead of you, “that’s if you dare to be different!”

My name is Spida Hunter and I’m a fitness professional that has been training fighters for more then 5yrs and been in the fitness industry for over 10yrs!

I have traveled to USA to learn from the best in combat conditioning and I believe their is NO better fitness professional in NZ and or Australia that can provide you with absolute best of the best in combat conditioning!

I’m going to give away my combat conditioning secrets I only give out to fighters that I train personally and have never reveled to date outside of this group, this amazing seminar is the first of it’s kind in NZ about combat conditioning!

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Attention: MMA & or Grappling Athletes this seminar is for you!
When:Thursday 1st of May at 7-9pm!
Where:E.T.K Gym
701n Great South Rd, Penrose Auckland
Time: 7:30pm to approx 9pm

Attention: Kick Boxers, Karate, Thai fighters, Boxers!
When:Friday 2nd of May at 7-9pm!
Where:E.T.K Gym
701n Great South Rd, Penrose Auckland
Time: 7pm to approx 9pm