Combat Stretching any good?

Is Matt Furey's Combat Stretching dvd set any good? I know that folks have some strong opinions on his marketing style, he seems a bit of a huckster, but is his stuff worth anything?

My buddy is selling a bunch of his stuff to get ready to move and he's offering the set for cheap. I just want to know if I'm throwing money away, or if I'll get something out of it.

Thanks for your input. Cheers.

If it's cheap as in a quarter of the cover price then get it.

If it's cover price then tell your friend he's no friend of your's.

Mule: Thanks for the advice, and the good laugh.

Have you seen/used it? Is it any different than anything I couldn't find with this newfangled thing I've heard Thanks for the response.

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I'm with Mule on this.
If you can get it for cheap, then get it. It's not too bad. For Cheap!

I've never seen this book but if it's a typical Matt Furey book it's full of shit you could find free elsewhere.

If you don't buy this buy Yoga for Regular Guys or Real Men Do Yoga.

You'll spend less for both of these books than you will for the Matt(hew) Furey book and they are friggin great from my own personal experience.