Combat Zone 175# Title up 4 grabs

The Combat Zone 175-182.9 Super Light Heavyweight Title Belt is up for grabs. Woody Weatherby (renzo gracie-NH)has decided to step down in weight and relinquish his title belt.

We need 4 fighters to compete for the title belt on our August 25th show (Combat Zone 24) at Club Lido-Revere, MA. The two winners that advance will square off for the belt at the next show (October 13 - Combat Zone 25) also at Club Lido. Fighters interested, call or email me asap.


Roger Woo-Matchmaker


3 weeks notice is rough

Sorry, I just found out myself.

What are your title weight classes and who is holding the belts?

That would be a 183# title... not a 175# title...


What weight is Weatherby cutting to? He must walk around @ over 185?

im also fighting on this card.And it seems like it should be a fun match. i love to fight people as techinical as howard. It makes for a great show.But tonight i put the big gloves back on. Im boxing in front of 5000 in my hometown however the guy im fighting is making his pro debut i havent boxed in 7 years. but ill still get it done . see you guys at lido

USKBA FOR WEIGHT GUIDE LINES!!!175-182.9 Super Light Heavyweight

woody walks at 175-180 i believe the figtwith phil wasent even his weight




TTT for Jerry Speigal. get em.

I might have a guy. (from Arizona)

E-mail me with the details, like who will be fighting, rules, travel expenses, and pay.
Todd Lally Arizona Combat Sports