Combat Zone 21 "Muay Thai & MMA Madness"

April 21, 2007 Saturday
Club Lido - Revere, MA
Doors open at 6:30pm, fights start at 8pm

Amateur Muay Thai Bouts

  1. Dustin Lebell - IMB 160# vs. Peter Giannola - Independant 160#

  2. Jim Reopelle - IMB 175# vs. Travis Schoppemeyer - Guy Chase martial arts academy 175#

  3. Peter Pinto - Sityodtong 175# vs. Mike Pennini - Boston Muay Thai 175#

Pro Muay Thai Bouts

  1. Daniel Duarte - Dragon Warrior MMA 145# vs. Dinel Bun - Cambodian Kickboxing 145#

  2. Andreas Jeudi - Sityodtong 160# vs. Vansarata Keo - Cambodian Kickboxing 165#

MMA Bouts

  1. Zachary Scherr - Tim Burrill BJJ 165# vs. Dave George - NE Academy of Martial Arts 165#

  2. Rob Gagnon - Submission Arsenal 250# vs. Phil Gizzi - Rail City MMA 230#

  3. Dan "The Gorilla" Pasquarella - Team Woo-MFS 195# vs. Chris Cape - Team Feijao 195#

  4. Chris Adams - Combat Tactics Academy 250# vs. Jamie Fellows - Lakes Region Vale Tudo 240#

  5. Chandler Holderness - BU MMA vs. Pat Thompson - SSS 175#

  6. Tony Russo - Guy Chase Martial Arts Academy 175# vs. Mike D'Onofrio - CMFC 175#

  7. Ben Manseau - Team Woo-MFS 150# vs. David Adams - Combat Tactics Academy 150#

  8. Eddie Saldana - BTT/Sityodtong 205# vs. Ralph Green - Cain Fighting Systems 205#

  9. Dave Armstrong - SSS 170# vs. Luis Lucciola - BMAC 170#

  10. Tateki Matsuda - Sityodtong 145# vs. Mike Tierny - Cain Fighting Systems 140#

For Tickets Call: Roger Woo-matchmaker (603)396-4789 or email at

Still a few weeks out, but I hope that card gets better. You only have 3 guys with a winning record in MMA. You guys can do a lot better than that.


seems like a calloway cup card with such rookies



I think a lot of us are heading down to RI to support manny Nieves and his show. We are working to get MMA sanctioned in RI so we are going to reperesent


Manseau should fight for the title, who has cz title at that weight

Keep an eye on Mike D'Onofrio. He's gonna be champ soon.

kidkoala77 presents a great idea :)


damn right Ben, youve looked great. PutU2sleep. Are the Guy Chase guys from "The Arena", ive wanting to check that place out/

Where are Andreas & Tateki on the muay thai show?

You're right, Ben should be fighting for the title and I am in the process of setting it up right now to fight Joe Cushman. I am trying to find someone to fight Andreas and yes Guy Chase runs The Arena.

Manseau vs. Cushman would be a good fight, that would give this card a little bit of potential. I'd pay to see that fight.

Need opop for D Lauzon any one with proper record--Bruce 978-828-2149