Combat Zone 9 Review

Combat Zone 9: Hot Like Fire - Review

Soon to be on

Nice......I def agree something has to be done about the refs. My fight showed just how much SOME mass refs can suck.

you were sprawling and Eblum is yelling "you're in control, move into the center"

I was like, what the fuck is he talking about? He's defending a fucking takedown, it's not one of those situations where you can just turn 180 degrees around and resume fighting

The whole fucking match I would be in a dominent position and yasofub would be moving out of the ring, and the whole time this is happening, the ref kept saying, "keep it in the ring dave, keep it in the ring, I dont want to have to keep warning you." I honestly dont remember much of the end of the fight but I think he even told me if we went out again I was losing a point. I hope you can hear the audio on the video when it comes out. He was saying ridiculous shit at the wrong times.