Combat zone refuse to fight and no

Before I start my rant I want to state that I  am just venting and do not blame the Promoter or the guys at CMAC as I know they are as frustrated as I am.


I am always shocked when I go to these events and people no show or don’t want to fight or for that matter are unprepared to get in the ring but this one really blows my mind John Gilligan the guy my fighter John Sivori is scheduled to fight takes the cake for bone head moves on Sat night.


Friday I talk to Bruce and he asks me what my guy weighs because he just heard Gilligan will be a little bit over. They are scheduled to fight at 205 and my guy is 195-197 without cutting so we have him weigh in fully dressed with “heavy” pockets he scales a 204. The weigh is at 4-5 pm the opponent gets “lost” and shows at around 7 right before the Athletic commission is closing up. We get him on the scale and he is 222 so after a 15 minute debate with the commission we get them to OK the fight We drove almost 4 hours for this event and sat around all day my guy could have cared less if he was 300 lbs he trained for the guy and wanted to fight. The opponent has not said a word up to this point about not wanting to fight. I leave the room to get me guy to start warming up and get his head into the fight and someone comes and get me and says the opponent is now refusing to fight. This is absolute unprofessional bullshit. If he did not want to fight why wait till the last minute. We wasted a day drove about 8 hours round trip my guy had friends buy tickets at the door after driving up from NY. This idiot should know the crap he put people through  and promoters should know he is unreliable.


I appreciate the offer from the guys at CMAC  to try and find my guy another opponent but my guy wanted to fight an opponent that was actually ready to fight not someone out of the crowd and the lady from the AC when I asked if it was an option said they were done and would not allow the card had more than enough fights.


Once again I am venting and do not blame CMAC or Bruce it is completely on Gilligan as a man is responsible for his own actions although as I told Bruce and honorable man would refund the tickets to the guys who came up only to leave before the fights started because their friend was not fighting and was leaving.


On a side note one thing I love about MMA is prior to the fights everyone hangs out in the same room before fighting each other and there is no bullshit. Any other sport and there would probable be fights before the event.


Phil Dunlap

Thats awful, I didnt even know this happenned last night. Someone really needs to make a website that is a listing of fighters, and have a place where promoters can discuss dealings with these fighters. It seems like a lot of times it is the same people no-showing and causing problems like this.

Joe congrats I heard you fought great. I split because I was frustrated and with the drive it meant I could get some stuff done with my wife today

I had fun, thats all I care about. Sorry you and your guy had to go through all of that

Hey John,
I'm the guy with Gilligan that you talked to last night.Again,I want to apologize to you and your fighter.I've had it with Gilligan.This guy doesn't train,but just keeps taking fights and losing them.I felt bad for him because he had no one to corner him,and would fight anyway.He's a bouncer at my club and a friend of a friend,but I've had enough.I agree with that hat thieving Lauzon about the website.I'll never corner him again.For what it's worth,I'm sorry about everything.

I understand exactly how you feel and I know how frustrated you were. He obviously was hoping someone else would pull the plug for him so he could save face. The way I see it he burned us , he burned you ,and he burned the event.

I agree with Joe about the website. The reason for this post was partially to vent and also because I think it is important that we let others know about these guys.

I think what burned me the most is he is walking around the event drinking beer afterward.

Once again it has nothing to do with you guys it is just Gilligan I am pissed about. You know how it is I have a kid who busts his ass in training and gets put through the ringer instead of getting a fight It's worse than a date without getting laid ( no damn reward)

I was really disappointed with Bruce's handling of the situation though

Good luck in your fight at Mass Destruction

That's BS man.

And Joe, thats a good website idea...although the person running it may become quite unpopular, quite fast.

Sounds like a job for Biggie!!!!


Please email me at I'd like to discuss what happened in detail. Also, if there are any other complaints or comments about COMBAT ZONE 9 (or any other USKBA Sanctioned event) from anyone else, please email me with the information. Thank you.

Paul Rosner /


you have mail

Blows chunks

I'm always up to be the bad guy....

Phil, I was with Bill and am one of Bills guys and just want to apologize again for Johns actions. It rally sucks that your guy didnt get a fight, please dont let this reflect poorly upon us as a club, again I'm sorry that this happened.
Jed Hunt

sounds like biggys fault at the next event lets kick his ass. joe get one of your bitches to start a website that keeps track of pussies that back out

I would really think twice before letting your guy
fight someone who has 26 pounds on him.

You guys were great I could see you were as surprised as I was. I allways view people as individuals if any of you guys are ever in North Jersey you are welcome to stop by. As I said I felt bad for Bill he was there to help a guy who jerked him around to.

So its biggys fault sounds good we will blame him from now on.

Mcquaid it depends on the situation but my guy is a tough kid and i thought he was more than up to it in this case as with the unprofessional behavior his opponent was showing up to that point I was questioning his comittment to win the fight.

Depending on the level of competition of course, 26 pounds may or may not be a big deal.

A 26 pound difference is, for example, somewhat common in heavyweight fights.

actually phil, i have a question concerning one of your video techniques, could you email me?

Thanks man

Jed you have mail

let me know if it helped