combat zone review..

As far as bringing in outside talent I would like to applaud Bruce for doing this. Now I do agree that making all fights having outsiders could hurt your numbers but I see nothing wrong with bringing in some outside talent on the verge of making it big time for the main event... not only does it help local fighters gage where they are skill wise, but its entertaining as hell. How can you tell me Fickett vs. Florian wasn't one of the best fights of the year!

I agree 100% about trying to go through the rope to avoid tapping out sux. The only way to stop that is get a cage, have guys around the ring like pride to push them back in, or if the subs locked in tight let the ref start them up in the middle of the ring in the sub.

I think numbers are down due to the summer, and the fact that there are so many fights in MA now that no one can afford to pay $100 and still be able to go to most of the fights.

I agree...I like how Bruce handles his cards...he brings in guys that are on the brink of breaking out like Nick Thompson, Drew, Jay Jack, Sequin, Florian to name a few...I always enjoy going to CZ...I know he caught some flack for having a questionable West team but injuries and such took their was a creative concept and it shows Bruce is trying to separate his shows from the pack...I find with the price for shows I need to pick and choose which events I go to since I can't afford them....CZ and ECFA tend to be my favs...

Some good points, especially about the marketability of local fighters vs. the attraction of "outsiders."

I'll usually come with a crew from Western MA (almost NY, way west of Springfield) so we don't personally know anybody fighting. But if there are certain fighters on the card that we have seen before and find entertaining (Spiegel, Mandela, Dexter) then we are more likely to go.

My comments should certainly not be taken as a scientific opinion poll, but even us folks who don't personally know the fighters enjoy the fact that these guys are at least regional. And it helps that we have seen these fighters before - we have our favorites that we root for. Some people might complain that it's the same fighers over and over, but I think you want some of that.

About the $100 comment, yeah, that sucks. Six of us will spend $600 on tickets, $300 on booze and $50 on gasoline. I'd LOVE to see the promoters toy with the ticket prices to see what price points work because I would take advantage of that. We just can't afford to go to every fight (Mass Desctruction, Combat Zone, ECFA, Dragon's Lair!), and we only go if we can get front row seats.

"I think numbers are down due to the summer..."

A comment on that, I don't think any of my crew will be buying tickets to MA fights for a while because we just don't know if the local officials will allow the fights. Or if the fight locations will be changed.

Nice points man...I agree with you in that when I see local names I recognize I am more prone to go like Mike Lit or Rockell....I think CZ pulls off a nice blend of both outsiders and locals as mentioned earlier...I too am cautious buying tickets these days which royally just don't want to front that kind of money to get the Mass D. situation, I know it was unforseen and not anyone's fault but I would have been uber pissed if I was on the hook for a Cape Cod hotel room and the event got changed...I would like to see the prices come down to maybe $20-$25...I saw Rage in the Cage does "mini" events where they run like 5-6 fights for $15 which is an interesting idea...$300 on booze haha...good thing I don't drink much, I would never be able to afford to go to shows!

".$300 on booze haha...good thing I don't drink much, I would never be able to afford to go to shows!"

At least at Club Lido the mixed drinks (vodka, cranberry juice) are NINE BUCKS! So, a "thirty-pack" of drinks for a half-dozen guys kills us.

I've got to start drinking in the parking lot ahead of time...