Chicago show 10/23

This was an awesome show with some incredible talent.
Master Bob I want to thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Great Job in putting together a show that rivaled a UFC card. Berger vs. Wisnewski was a killer fight. Thanks for giving Ro Brower an opportunity to fight Gideon Ray and test himself at this level of competition. For thoes of you who live in the area, Im totally jealous. You guys have some incredible talent and Master Bob has opened the doors for MMA promotions to return to your area ....Legally!

ttt for a great promotion!

Fearless Goat

Let me say, Ro Brower is at the level! He surprised a lot of people winning, IMO , the first round. It's not easy getting full mount on Gideon Ray, and almost getting the submission! Ro and Terry Martin were the two that "turned" my head! Truly a great night of fights!!

Jeff Malott,
ISCF Director

Berger and Wisnewski fight

Wisnewski won the decision but Berger won the fight.
My opion could be based on the fact that I kind of got to know him over the weeekend....but I felt that he gave up Round one due to a knockdown.....and took over rounds 2 and 3 with that shotgun Jab of his. Steve trusted his Jab and it changed the complexion of the fight. All 3 judges had it for Wisnewski, I believe they mis took Steve's attempt to grapple as a way to avoid striking....however, on tape I clearly see Steve using his Jabs to get to grappling ......he would back Wisnewski up and engage then shoot. The ground action was fluid and no one had to restart.

Another factor that may have influence the judges is that Steve had to see the doctor on several occassions for cuts....(Funny incident with one of the doctors....The Doc is suggesting that the fight be stopped and Steve essentially tell him "Don't stop the fight, stop the bleeding, Im about to put this guy's fuse out") Somewhat paraphrased but I got it from the Doc himself.

Thanx for the comment Jeff,

By the way great to stay in control of the event without being overbearing......George Foreman once said that if you notice the Ref in a fight it turned into a bad fight......As Iscf director you kept all the fighters informed and you assisted when needed, it was like you were working for the fighters and not the other way around. See you guys in Feb at Master Bob's next event...or whoever flies us out.

Kelly Wiseman and Lil Hulk (Luke)

Truly appreciated your support and thanx in advance for the DVD. Send me info on when it's made and I'll send you my address. If you forget or lost my a thread here with your e-mail and I'll contact you........

I saw one round of your fight Luke, but you look like you have good MuayThai skills, with Jason Black and Kelly in the corner....You had it under control. Good test for you man ......Did u know Kirk had nearly 30 fights before taking the fight.


Lorenzo Clark def Mike Kelly by split dec

Mike Crowley def Sam Dellaterza by tko,round 1

Clay Guida def Bill Guardiola by ankle lock, round 1

Stephanie Mariscal def Sasha Mrvic by choke, round 1

Jason Guida def Justin Hutter by choke, round 1

Luke Caudillo def Tom Kirk by tko, round 3

Terry Martin def Jeff Gerlick by choke, round 1

Gideon Ray def Rhomez Brower by Ref Stop, round 2

Keith Wisniewski def Steve Berger by unam dec

I thought Miguel Torres was scheduled to fight on that card. Maybe I'm wrong...

ttt for COMBATDO!!!

Torres's opponent didn't show.

i dont think he could hang with Mir Or Sylvia Or Tre... hes not ready I dont think

There is a progression to combat sports period and If each guy continues to rise to the next level and make the adjustments in training they will be able to "one day" compete with best of the best.

pictures anywhere?

or detailed description of the Caudillo-Kirk fight?

There is a DVD comming out, Caudillo is sending me a copy and MasterBob is having someone make one on his side of the universe.

I got to see the first round and it was pretty much controlled by Luke's stand one point the fight was stopped so thatthe doc could look at Kirk.

it was a awesome night for combat-do! Congrats to our fighters....

I want to say thank you master Bob for having me on your card it was a great show!! The fights that I saw where match up nice, and all the fighters that I talked to where class acts for the sport. Thanks again. Luke Caudillo

And rings as soon as I get my dvd on this thursday I'll send you one out bro. Tell your guy to keep it up he opened a lot of eyes!!!

I want to Thank everyone for coming out and the fighters for putting their hearts into the ring. Berger and Keith was an unbelievable fight.
Dr.Dave and I both have seen hundreds of fights and it is at the top of our list for demonstrating skill,tenacity and desire.

Terry Martin is ready for the UFC at 205 he is going to be unstoppable. He has grappled against the very best in the world.Winning many top grappling tournaments. He hits like Mike Tyson, He rises to whatever level he must to win.
Terry was shot three times as a kid on the west side as a memember of the Gangster Disciples.
Terry Fought to get through High School,he fought to make it through Junior college he graduated and went on to graduate at Northern Illinois University. He is getting his masters and going on to get his Doctors degree.He is not going to let anything stand in his way!!

Terry's biography is damned impressive!!! Bob, in what field is he getting his masters/PhD?

Master Bob

What do you get when you get

When a Marine treats an Army guy to a good fight????

Return visits.....See ya in Feb.

Congrats to Combat-Do and a big thanks to Master Bob for getting MMA legal in Illinois.