Combatives School in FT Hood

Hey guys/girls Do you know who is running the MAC Program In Hood? I got a soldier that want to take the course Level 1. She loves combatives.

if no luck at hood contact phil cardella in austin he is lev 3 cert. inst. he is in austin though? so your s-3 or g-3 may have to auth. tdy to austin if not ya;ll just stop by and train sometime

thanks i will tell her, she is PCSing in 3 days

his site is

Rafie, I'm leaving Ft. Benning in late Jan. on my way to Ft. Hood. Shoot me an e-mail at sharky1299@yahoo, and we'll get together and roll. I'll be heading to Phil's place myself.

Just to let you guys know, Fighters Forge just opened up their new gym in Copperas Cove. This top notch facility includes Swain mats, strike bags of every assortment, and most importantly of all, a cage to train in. Please stop by and you will like what you see. Their website is:

1406 South FM 116, Suite D
Copperas Cove, TX 76522 - Head Coach

I hope to see you all there. 1SG's and Training NCOs please look into it. The Head Coach is always willing to work with the military on the use of the facility to give you everything you may need to teach combatives to your soldiers.
Patrick Castillo

good shit..good luck trying to get 4th ID to get in there...They dont believe in that "Combatives Shit" is what my 1SG told me when I asked..and from what I hear from Soldiers from other units in the ID

Grappler'S Lair, Temple Texas, 254 791 (Lair)is where you want to be. To be fair, Fighter's Forge wasn't open when I was there , so I can't talk badly or vouch for them. Give them both a try and see for yourself. Just train where the atomosphere is non-ego and no cliques, and you will be fine.


Long time no see. What have you been up to? Lost track of you after I went overseas. By the way Sprague is out now, but still in the Area. MacConnell is a LT now in Iraq, everyone else basically left the Army or left Fort Hood. Where are you at now? Anyways, I hope to catch you on later.

(formally Sgt Castillo)


hit me up on AKO. It is good to here from you. I am currently @ Bragg. Why did you get out and what are you doing for yourself?