combatives training in Udari

My apologies to SFC BDP for embarrassing him with my Krav instruction request. I am part of a deploying battalion that was sent to Ft. Sill for what seemed an endless mob. I was fortunate to meet and be able to take BDP’s level 1 combatives course. Myself, and others in my battalion would like to continue our training at Udari and are looking for instructors. We will be in Udari by middle May.

udari has changed names to camp buehring (something like that), right now there is no formal instruction. however they do roll. as soon as i get back from level 3, i will go down there (or have people come here to arifjan) for levels 1 and 2, provided i can get assistance from some of the level 4's here.

hit me on ako if you want more info: