- Tracy Lee

You guys know who she is - Tracy Lee. If you ever been to a major MMA event you've seen her with her camera taking pictures of the MMA lifestyle.

She recently launched and created it to simply capture the lifestyle of MMA and its fighters. My favorite part of her new site is the 'movies' section. She has videos of fighters simply being themselves, whether its partying or acting a fool... it's great! The video of Shawn Tompkins, Krzysztof Soszynski, Sam Stout, and Tracy Lee in a 5am car wash is HELLA funny! Check it out when you can.

I hit her up the other day to stop by Eddie Bravo's music video shoot with his artist, Drea... and sure enough... she came through. Tracy effin' rocks and is great for the sport.

Thanks for stoppin' by girl. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Show Tracy love and check out her site.

Me and Tracy at Total Combat

MMA Asian Persuasion =)

TTT! Tracy and MissRARA are good for the sport!

training pictures yes, car wash vids no thanks

RARA has some shnizzle !


teh hotness


TTT stands for something else in this thread, amirite guys

cool. but she might want to see a doctor for those cataracts :)


link to tracy's music vid. she looks alot different before she lost her tan and got cataracts.

RaRa, it's an honor to share a forum with someone who is friends with a person who makes dope music.

Oh Delicious!

Tracy was at both our Grand Opening parties in Honolulu and Huntington Beach in September and took some bad ass pics (see the link below). Hopefully, we'll see her in Redondo Beach on Sunday as well!

MissRARA = hotness incarnated

^lol I saw that as hotness incarcerated at first glance

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6/10 sluts

not that great to worked up about guys

You sir... are a dick;)

Tracy provides access to behind the scenes content that most folks on this board might not have available to them were it not for her kind gesture.

Tracy, your efforts are greatly appreciated by the masses so ignore the asses;)


(eagerly awaits meatspins mindless rant and temper tantrum)

That was very disrespectful, Cindy.

Thanks MissRARA for letting us know about Tracy's new site. Tracy's got the best pics going IMO. She really captures the fight action as well as the action after the fights.

I've hung out with Tracy and she's a cool cat.. even if she has a fetish for her cell phone camera...

Anyone that hates on Rara and Tracy are idiots. No wonder why Pro Fighters don't come here and post as much as they used to. Btw, all you idiots talking shit about how ugly they are, let's see your pictures and let Tracy and Rara judge your stank asses.