- Tracy Lee

I'll check it out.

puckers up for RaRa and Tracy. Like some indofijian coconuts?

Is Rara going to buy some some Dr. 90210 goodness as well ?

^^^Mis RARA doesn't need it.

nice...ttt for Rara and Tracy.

thanks you guys! thanks for defending us cindy!! thanks miss rara for the shout out!!

I appreciate it all. I am so excited about the new site too.. We're still linked to Napkinnights, but now it's own brand...

everyone check out the videos page.. thats the REAL behind the scenes stuff..

Sorry I didn't make it up to Total Combat Tracy. I'll be at Strikeforce next weekend and HDNet Fights in Dallas in December. Pics look great! Talk soon. MS.

No DK I'm not haha... its a button down.

frankie- that was me that was at Bennigans... Weird that you saw us...

Speaking of Brittney.. will you be with her Sunday, Tracy?

Tracy will be in Corpus Christi, TX on Sunday. I already asked her today :(

I actually met Gumbi last night with Ed Clay... we had a blast at Les Duex in Hollywood.

I wish!!!

TTT for Tracy and Sexy Pinay :)


thanks you guys... thank hot miss rara.. I appreciate the support...

Tracy> were you at the exotic erotic ball? Just wondering because I went to napkin nights and there were a few pics of my wife and I but I don't remember seeing you. Probably someone else.

official member of tracylee fan club here!!!!

Sounds like a great new site. Thanks for posting RARA and best of luck with the new site Tracy!

You're welcome guys :)

Tracy, I just seen your new photos of 'Fishing with Mike Pyle'... this is a great freakin' picture.

I love it!

Tracy is good for the sport and seems to give time, attention and exposure to some of the newer names that other sites might not feel are a commodity yet.

Kudos to a hard working lady.