Combination dumbbell exercises

Any one have suggestions as to combination exercises, using dumbbells? One example is holding dumbbells by the shoulders, doing a squat, then a press when coming back up. Im trying to shorten up my workout time by combining some of the exercises, but not coming up with many exercises to do.     Thanks!

turkish getups

There's a trainer at the gym I train at that uses alot of compound dumbbell exercises but the one I remember right now is from standing curling both at the same time into an Arnold press like position then rotating the dumbbells at the top position and pressing them overhead.

Go to and check out some of the exercises for Kettlebells most of them are interchangeable with dumbbell work outs.

I especially like one Scrapper showed on here.

You take two say 30 lb dumbbells drop down into a push up position while holding the handles, do a push up, do a one armed row for each side while in the push up position, pop to your feet, stand up and repeat.

Another variation is when you pop to your feet you do a double dumbbell swing then repeat.

There are infinite variations.

I want to try a Sots(z?) press.

You pick up a single dumbbell or Kettlebell, clean it to your shoulder, squat down into a full squat then do an over head press pushing the dumbbell or kettlebell up and behind the neck.

Actually, the pushup/press combo is from Coach Hale(I think, whichever guy does Renegade Training--he calls it the Renegade Row).

I like doing 1-Arm DB Clean and Press, currently doing 10 sets of 2 per side supersetted with weighted pullups, using(last week) 75# for C&P and 50# for pullups.

I've had a lot of fun with DB power snatch and press recently. You have to pull the weight really high and build good speed for the power snatch, so a pressable weight gives my legs a good workout. Starting the press from the top is an interesting change, too.

Nice lifts saint39.


The Renegade Training people do something with a barbell called "The Bear", which can be adapted to dumbells: 1. Power clean DBs from floor and rack at chest with palms-in grip,2.keeping DBs at rack position do a rock bottom squat and rise,3. squat again and this time press DBs overhead into palms out position as you rise out of squat,4. rack DBs at chest level again and press overhead again,5. now keep DBs in pressed out position and do an overhead squat and rise,6. rack DBs and lower to floor. That's one rep. Before you start,be careful to pick a weight you can do the overhead squat with without the DBs moving around too much on you, the exercise I believe was designed to be done with a barbell and the weight is easier to control in the overhead position with a barbell.


The Bear rocks. I've only done it with a barbell, and not with much weight(about 95-105), but 5 x 5 was still tough.