please list for me combinations you like to work with various bags (heavy bag, knee bag, mt heavy bag, etc.)

or combinations you like to work with a focus mitt or muay thai pad holder

or combinations which might be strictly for boxing or for muay thai or for mma

or combinations which involve sprawls, clinching, or shooting

and ESPECIALLY i am interested in

1. combinations that assume a preliminary attack by the opponent or a counter attack and include defensive measures such as blocking, bobbing/weaving, footwork etc.

2. and MOST IMPORTANTLY if anyone has a resource (internet or otherwise) that has an encylopedic or progressive approach to both offensive and defensive combinations for boxing, kickboxing, mma.

i have found some info in the archives of the boxing, kickboxing forum and stickgrappler's site and i am looking to build on this knowledge.

i will crosspost this in the boxing and kickboxing forum...


also posted on the ug

Jab, cross, hook, uppercut is very good advice.
I remember reading that Joe Louis' trainer
Manny Seaman recommended that one big

Step to your right at a approx 45 degree angle with a slight slip/dip and throw an overhand left/left hook followed by an overhand right/right hook.

Its a good technique against anyone throwing a jab, jab-cross or a right cross. Whichever of these they throw at you, you are simutaneously dodging and throwing a power technique and will probably be in a good angle to throw another power technique. Even if they have a fast jab, you wont take the brunt of it since you're angling off to the right and if you're simulatenously hitting him with an overhand right/right hook, they'll think twice about jabbing you next time.

If you're just a fraction late and hitting him in between his jab-cross combo, your overhand left/ left hook's elbow acts as a shield against his right cross ( sorry, i typed in right overhand/right hook before).

IronMonkey, when you're stepping to the right to throw the overhand left/left hook, is your lead leg now the right leg?

SGTMNC- yeah, the right leg becomes the lead leg. Since you're in a southpaw position , it is recommended to follow up with the right overhand/right hook right after. Throwing the follow up will make you go back to orthodox again because you are roughly on his front left side. If he made a committed step in jab or your angling was good, you can at times end up perfectly at his left side/abit to the rear to throw the right overhand/ right hook follow up.

I like that combo. Sounds like you could do the same thing after slipping the jab to the outside.