Combining BJJ/Weights/BWE

I am sure there are a whole bunch of you that train in some sort of martial art and incorporate weights and bodyweight exercise into your routine. I would like to hear how you lay out your schedule. As an example:

Monday Weights (compound lift)

Tuesday BJJ

Wednesday Scrapper BWE

Thursday BJJ

Friday Weights (compound lift)

Saturday BJJ

Sunday Scrapper BWE

Lets hear some examples of how you juggle and schedule all three (BWE, Martial Art training, Weight strength training).

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I noticed you are lifting 3X a week. I would like to hear your exercises and sets/reps. If its not too much trouble :)

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Also, my next step is to incorporate some sprint training. Not an easy task!

Anyone else have any diff grappling/bwe/lifting schemes?

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Im doing

Mon - BJJ, BWE for warm ups

Tues - lift

Weds - BJJ, BWE

Thurs - lift

Fri - rest

Sat - BJJ in the morning, Lift in the evening

Sun - Rest or JKD


My routine is :

Monday : morning : compound lifts PTP-style, 2-3 5min rounds of crazy non-stop weigt-lift-cardio-drill

evening : boxing, kicking, sprawl

tuesday : rest or climbing

Wensday and thursday like monday but grappling on wensday night+ teach beginners class

friday : rest or climbing

saturday : easy rolling in the morning or rest

sunday : grappling in the evening

Blown383, I assume you are sticking to compound lifts and a moderate (5x5 or 8x3) rep scheme. Thats a pretty decent workload.

I lift 3 days per week and BJJ 2 days. That's my current regimine as i feel my conditioning needs to catch up with my skill and not the other way around. It changes by feel.

I only do BW stuff during practice really. Any muscular endurance i need, i get from the gym.


doug, what is your weight workout like to meet your conditioning/muscle endurance goals?

First off, let me laugh at myself for spelling my own name wrong......

Ok.. now i can answer.

My tactics in the gym are limited only by the goals i would like to attain. Right now, my goals are entirely BJJ related, so i had to figure out what my needs are on the mat and apply them to my fitness routine.

As i see it currently (for me personally) i want to achieve the following things:

1. Heavier Comp weight

2. Better tricep and shoulder endurance

3. Improved anaerobic endurance

From here i develop my routine, based on a medium volume/heavy weight routine for building size and strength, combined with a lot of food. I then do curcuits and extra work for the triceps and shoulders as well as throwing in recovery workouts for heavily worked muscles to the end of my workouts. And for now i develop my anaerobic endurance by changing my mat tactics to being more intense.

Once i get to the size/strength and local endurance i'm looking for, i'll up the anaerobic ante until that suites my needs and my focus will, again, be on skill.

hope that answers what you need. As you can see, my workout is tailored to my own needs and developed in accordance to the guidlines that Ryno and I have developed.


Very cool. Thanks for the long detailed post oug....I mean doug.

hahaha. No problem. If you need any more help you can feel free to talk to either myself or Ryno on this site or via email (mine is and we'll be happy to help you however you want. We work together quite a bit now to develop better conditioning for serious combat athletes.

Also, scrapper himself offers (or will soon if not already) online personal training that may be just what you are looking for as well, if you like his products. He has a lot of experience training military personel, athletes and fighters, and is a good friend to me.


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"Blown383, I assume you are sticking to compound lifts and a moderate (5x5 or 8x3) rep scheme. Thats a pretty decent workload."

snakepitz - Umm...Im still new to the weight lifting terms can you explain what the 5x5 or 8x3 rep schemes are? Im following Les Glutches program which can be found here

Is there anything else I should know or could improve on?