Come check out Island Boxing

Come check out IBF's 7500 sq ft facility. Our facilty includes a full size boxing ring, 1000 sq ft of mats, membership quality gym with free weights, dumbells and machines, cardio room including treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, recumbant bikes and rowers, heavy bags, speed bags, etc.

We also have a massage therapist on duty as well as a supplement and smoothie shop for all of your protein needs.

IBF is a Lloyd Irvin affiliate for Jiu Jitsu, Manu Ntoh affiliate for Muay Thai and our boxing program is run by John Blanken

Our coaching staff includes:

Muhsin Corbbrey - Shidokan World Champion * Shidokan US Champion* ISCF South Eastern Regional Champion *Multiple NAGA Champion etc...(Check Muhsin out in grappling mag this month and next month)

Coach John Blanken(boxing) *Produced numerous golden glove and national champs *Worked with greats like James Toney, Bernard Hopkins *Worked in camps with Emmanual Stewart

Lawson Mclure(Wrestling) *Wrestled at the renowned Blair Academy *Wrestled at NYU

To be continued....

IBF has produced some great talent including: Muhsin Corbbrey *Shidokan World Champion *Shidokan US Champion *ISCF South Eastern Grappling Champion *Multiple NAGA Champion *WEF,RSF,Reality Fighting Vet *Amateur Boxing Champ *Muay Thai Title contender *Professional Boxer

Brandon Gay *ISKA Amateur MMA Champion *USMTA Amateur Muay Thai Champion *NAGA Champion *Amateur Boxing Champion *Ranked 5th in the world by the IKF

Audrius Smaginas *Undefeated Amateur Muay Thai Fighter *Georgia Games Silver medalist(boxing) *Carolina Cup-Tap Factor Gold medalist(grappling)

Mike Newton *World Extreme Fighting Champion *NAGA Champion

Erin Oneil *Georgia Golden Gloves Champion

Angela Corbbrey *Georgia Golden Gloves Champion

If you are in Georgia or South Carolina we are just a hop and a skip away.

IBF is located in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC.

If interested in stopping by you can shoot me an email @

I just fought in charleston this weekend bro. I didn't get a call from you. When will you be back in town? Sorry we didn't get up bro.


Cool bro, it sounds like you are doing good. Keep in touch man.


MUHSIN!! What up!?

This is a great gym. Top notch training for all levels. A bunch a great pro fighters train here.

We highly recommend it. See these guys in Savannah at the Champions Quest Fighting Challenge Sept. 29th.

WALLOP Fight Gear will be there in full

Interviews with some of the guys at this gym are on


Make sure that you have Muhsin give you one of his famous massages! I swear by them!

^^^'s the Island boxing website?

Chandler Oakes


You forgot to mention:

Audrius Smaginas is ISKA United States Middleweight Muay Thai Champion.

ttt for a website. I vacation on HH island every year and would love to be able to train a day or two.