come on Mayhem...

you bully a reporter, but you see Nick back stage at the last card and don't do anything?

fighting is your craft, making cool videos is his, aren't you better than that?

He was smart not to confront Nick. Nick is trigger happy, so playing around with that guy is not smart when you want to have a fun evening without issues. Nick has a habbit of flying right off the handle and it would have turned into a big fucken thing. So it's best to leave that shit alone until the fight is signed.

And that kid was not a reporter.

just seems a bit out of sorts to go after a "friend" of the guy you want to fight, I still think he should have just stepped up to Nick if he had something to say, just my opinion on the matter.

kind of ironic he is being the bully for a change.

as for him not being a "reporter" he had a camera in his hand, didn't look like he had handwraps on, so I don't think he was there to train.

I don't think the footage of Mayhem getting his black belt, or sparring with the 10yr old can be of much use to future opponents, but I guess you never know...