Come On ' RENZO !!!!!!

You can do it !!!!!!

Its on they are in the Ring !!!!

PBP would be great..all the site has are the results. Markham got KO'd in the first round of his fihgt.


ttt for Renzo. Just like the last fight, sounds like he is going for all the subs.

Who appears to be winning bro?

Im on the edge of my SEAT

ttt for results. Thanks for posting...

RENZO Wins !!!!!!

Way to go RENZO !!!!!!!!!!

by what?

ttt for Renzo, it's amazing that he keeps this competitive for so long....

holy shit....!

Awesome! Renzo seems to be the fighter with the strongest career longevity among his "generation" of MMA fighters.


Is it official?

How did he win? Can anyone confim?

I'm a big Newton fan too, but anyone who's met Renzo knows what a big heart he has, and how open minded he is. Big props to my favorite Gracie!

Renzo wins split decision 2 rounds to 1. Sounds like Renzo won the first two and Carlos won the 3rd.

It is Official. Renzo won by decision !!!!

By all accounts Renzo controlled the pace and won handily.

Team Finals Matches

Mike Ciesnolevicz (Silverbacks) defeats Aaron Stark (Wolfpack) via TKO (guillotine choke) at 1:03 of Round 3

Ben Rothwell (Silverbacks) defeats Devin Cole (Wolfpack) via KO (kick) at 3:16 of Round 1

Bart Palaszewski (Silverbacks) defeats Ryan Schultz (Wolfpack) via KO (punch) at 2:16 of Round 3

Ryan McGivern (Silverbacks) defeats Matt Horwich (Wolfpack) via unanimous decision

Chris Wilson (Wolfpack) defeats Rory Markham (Silverbacks) via TKO (ref. stoppage) at 2:14 of Round 1

Silverbacks win 2006 World Team Championship 4-1 over Wolfpack


Renzo Gracie defeats Carlos Newton by split decision