Come to my seminar

Two seminars

On June 10th at the Jungle Gym in the Bronx New York I will be doing a seminar. I think it is $30 but might be less. I will be doing two and a half hours on some of my leg lock and neck crank stuff, and I will be doing a half hour at the beginning for purple belt or higher only, on how to increase your technique potency.

I know a few of you live within a days drive, please come out if you can and hang out with me a bit.

I am doing another seminar on the 17th somewhere in Los Angeles. I really need some numbers here guys, it will only be $25 and it will be similiar to the first seminar with a special bit for just the advanced. Not sure of location yet, but might be bellflower.

Hope you can come out. We are doing these seminars to help pay for our trip, we really need to come home see the family and do a bit of fundraising every two years or so, so if you can come out and support us I am sure you will get your moneys worth and then some.



Do you accept Paypal? If so, what's the email address?


yes but it isn't tax deductable

pinnedagain2001 at

the rev

would love to but cant. would love to sit and talk with you in person. might like to ring you when your here though !

make sure and do that zealot

Man, I'd love to. But besides not having the funds to get there, I'm too outa shape right now. lol


John, I've been trying to see if I could get out to LA....but with the tickets, hotel, etc, it ends up being quite a bit.

Don't you have instructional DVD's or something for your neck cranks and leg locks? If so, I'd happily buy a set to help finance the trip in lieu of being able to attend your seminar.

Let me know.

I guess I am a bit distant from the place of the seminar. :-)


i can hook you up with a location/gym in pasadena if you're interested...most likely free to use but not sure...let me know if i can help

I have decided to do the seminar at Millennia in Rancho Cucamonga, just because my old team is there. I know it makes it further for people to drive, but I have to go to my old school.

My dvd's will be released in the states soon, and kirik will be selling them on here. Thanks.

Donna, don't be such a poor sport, get on a plane and come hang out with me :)

the rev

Saturday June 10th...I have a youth event I am speaking at...DANG!!!




John, come to Canada.

That is all


To far or I would go.