Comedian roasts PoliSci major for 5 minutes straight (video)

I never watch comedy. Just watched a few of his. Dudes funny as hell. His laugh is great too.


For anyone interested this is a stream that randomly plays episodes from the podcast Called “Cumtown”.

Nick Mullen
Stavros Halkios
Adam Friedland

It’s not always hilarious but when it is, it’s fall out of your chair hilarious. The stream tends to get shutdown then pop back up, this one has been live since December.


They have this one guest on from time to time named Ian Fidance.

Some of this guy’s debauchery makes Arty Lange’s seem tame.

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Yeah, dude is fucking great.

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They are really great together but Stav stands out. So does Nick but in different ways. Stav is rising. Nick wants nothing to do with any form of notoriety. Adam is just a doofus but is a key ingredient for the podcast.

I’m now going to picture you as Stav btw

Adam is a perfect self-loathing whipping boy.

Nick’s impressions are incredibly good and Stav the new Artie Lange and when he’s in the background dying from laughing is hysterical on its own.

He’s no Brendan schaub.

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Poli Sci is good if you’re one of the few to make it into an international organisation, government or teaching university.

Best Michael Douglas impersonation in the game

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I see cumtown has the covid warning label over at spotify so they must be good

People have tried to cancel them repeatedly, they just don’t apologize, insult those people and keep right on trucking.


Cum Town

Still… him being so slovenly and ugly almost makes the whole thing sad.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Stavvy baby is the pinnacle of the male physique.