Comedy Central anti 2nd amendment special


Does not look very funny or accurate. Typical for the direction Comedy Central had gone in. If you're wondering what the t shirt says, which basically follows his same arguments as the rest of the show. 


"33,000 die from gun related violence everyear"


"of the 23 developed countries, USA had 82% of gun deaths"


"guns kill more people than terrorists every year"


i think even the most staunch anti gun person can see the silliness to all those statements.



Remember when the left had all the funny, vulger assholes?

Why has "Comedy" central completely lost their way? What happened to just showing comedy? I'm so sick of everywhere I turn is some kind of politically slanted message. Fuck off with your opinions, and get back to making people laugh.

Why is mostly everything aimed for 18-45 left wing brain washed retardism. Music, movies, sports teams, video games, tv channels. It's starting to get kind of scary.


Comedy Central is a libtard cesspool anymore.

Hate420 - 

Comedy Central is a libtard cesspool anymore.

its fucking awful