COMEDY @ the Arnolds!!!

despite the poorly run tournament (long ass waits), i had a BLAST at the Ahnolds. there were some RIDICULOUS "martial artists" running around at the Arnolds. it was priceless entertainment.

here were some moment of pure comedy:

-the aikido guys doing knife defense competition:

one guy would try some fancy-pants aikido knife defense, while the other competitor would stab him over and over with a rubber knife. despite being sliced and stabbed ALL OVER the body, the aikido guys kept on running into the knife. it was a good display or aikido suicide techniques that only made me wish they were using real knifes...

-the kempo guys showing off their wristlocks:

two kempo dudes were showing off their unbeatable standing wristlocks in front of the BJJ warm-up mat. we just stared at them in amazement...

-the black dude with the black skirt, karate kid headband, big samurai sword and white gi with his name on it (Ernie).

this guy was totally awesome... SHO'NUFF!!!

-the karate kids competing in the kids bjj division:

the karate kids had their sensei with them, who wore a black gi and belt (of course). one of the kids locked up with a bjj kid, the bjj kid sidetripped him, got knee on stomach, and armbarred the karate kid in like 30 seconds. the karate sensei stood there with his mouth open...

-the japanese jj guy wanting to enter the no-gi pro division

this dude asked my instructor if he could enter the no-gi pro division. my instructor asked where did he train. the kid said: well i'm a black belt. he was a black belt in japanese jj and had won a in-house grappling tournament at his local karate school. my instructor said: my friend, no disrespect intended, but there's NO FUCKING WAY you'll be able to contend. the guy just laughed nervously and then walked off with his buddies...

-the dude with the bo staff that looked just like Napoleon Dynamite.

scrawny white kid, acne, afro, karate gi, bo staff...

Which gang Chalupa? The Jets or the The Sharks?

I never make fun of TMA's, but I saw something that was pretty funny...they were doing the breaking competitions next to the BJJ area. There was the usual 10 brick elbow smash, the board breaking, etc. Then there was some extreme stuff. One instance was the BB standing there while 2 of his assistants held the ends of 2 broom sticks and took a running start at the BB who stood there, breaking the sticks with his Chi as the assistants ran into him. Here's where the comedy starts, the next competitor to go had a '2 broomstick trick' of his own. 2 of his assistants lifted him up and held his feet on one end and shoulders on the other (so he was in the air in a laying position). Then, two other guys took broomsticks and swung them across the BB's elevated mid-section. Well, one of the broomsticks broke and one didn't. The assistants holding the BB up were going to let him down to finish his routine, but the guy holding the unbroken stick decided to take one more whack at the guy to break the stick. As they were letting him down the guy whacks the BB and hits him right in the nards. To his credit the BB didn't flinch...funny stuff.

yea the breaking stuff was awesome too...

For me, the hilarity was with the "neo-samurai-goth-vampire" orange belt kid. He had this samurai top-knot and wicked sideburns, numerous piercings , a "bedazzled" black trenchcoat and a poofy pirate shirt. He was practicing his "blitz" routine on mat 6 Saturday morning. I nearly pissed myself laughing.

HAHA yes I saw some of that, seriously did u guys see the tma folks after the BJJ started and the MMA comps the look on their faces and their " well we can beat them with our superior untried and unproven techiques and this and that "

What got me was the kung fu guys and their we can beat them with our KI crap.............

delusional ( SP )


with all of these stories i am surprised that no spur of the moment inter discipline challenges or sparring takes place.

Or the guy that was at the table during point fighting that had a black dress on and weight in at about 400 lbs and about 5'5" and had about size 15 black belt on and wonderful looking gerry curls all done up,looked like a circus clown or someone with alot of sugar in his shorts.

The Arnolds were hilarious this year.