Comic con 2017 tix on sale saturday

Post up if you'll try to get some and be disappointed

The fact that i have to refresh a website at 7 am on the dot to get access to 1 of 24 spots for preschool for my kid.

And i did.

Back to coffee

Woops wrong thread.

I quit for today

Yeah good luck with that !

So that was for previous attendees... first timers csnt buy tix yet.

Probably just going to walk around the free areas outside.

Aaronrodgers, 1st beer is on me

I still need to get my TMNT #1 comic graded...FUCK

april 8th 9 am pacific, tix on sale for those who didnt go last year. 


Can I crash in your treehouse?

I've given up on trying to buy tickets for Comic-Con. I buy a Wonder-Con ticket and go to that then usually just hang outside for a day during Comic-Con. 

^ i probabky wont get tix and just wander around outside a bit

Been the last 5 years, first year I'm not going. Last year was the first time we got the 4-day pass, so it was a nice finale. Previously was only able to manage single day passes for a day or 2. Every year it gets more and more of a clusterfuck. If it wasn't so expensive to stay there that week, I'd just park my ass outside a patio in the Gaslamp, get drunk, and watch the shit show go by.

DaveFu - Can I crash in your treehouse?


42 minutes to disappointment

3 min!! strap in motherfuckers!!

Prices are a fucking joke!

1st update" preview night running low!!

still in waiting room!

im gonna make it damn it!!!

Wardance5 - Prices are a fucking joke!
you in? how much?

preview night sold out

single day available only