Comic Upload Request

Does anyone have the Teen Titans run where they go forward 10 years and become evil? Think it was called "Titans of Tomorrow"

Also Ive been dying to read the JLA arc where they went looking for Aquaman, end up getting killed and Nightwing has to lead a team to reque them. I think it was called "Atlantis Rising"

Does anyone have either of those?

Never read either of those stories, but if you can Google specific issue numbers, I can probably post 'em.

Teen Titans #17-19

JLA #66-75

If you dont mind Ted Id really appreciate it.

Do you know the years? Each of those comics has 3 volumes or more, and while skimming each of the #17's, etc., I didn't see stories matching your description.

The JLA series was in 2002.

The Teen Titans year I cant find, but its the ongoing volume.

ted do you happen to be a member of dcp?

I've read them but down have them on my computer.


"The JLA series was in 2002. The Teen Titans year I cant find, but its the ongoing volume. "

That helps. I'll post them after work today.

"ted do you happen to be a member of dcp? "

Nah, just a humble consumer of DCP's fine works ;-)

"Nah, just a humble consumer of DCP's fine works ;-)"

as am I. as am I. They provide a wonderful service. Too bad those inbox and walla accounts are out of service. Since I discovered, my reading enjoyment has exponentially grown.

The Teen Titans was early last year, in the early lead up to Infinite Crisis

Can we make more requests on this thread?

If so here's mine.

Hulk: Peter David 1 (331-339; w Peter David; a Todd McFarlane)

Hulk: The End (1-shot; w Peter David; a Dale Keown).

Future Imperfect (2-issue mini; w Peter David; a George P?rez).

Please sir.

Copy of JLA issues for SBB:

(and sorry, even though I have ~4 gigs of Titans, apparently I don't have the most recent series)

And the Hulk issues for Mule:

Ted Bennett for President!

I love you Ted.

Hulk: The End was surprisingly deep to me, for a comic. It made me wish I were more sophisticated about different schools of philosophy to appreciate it better.....

i may as well come out of the closet, no no, i'm no romo....i've struggled with this for some time, a few may know it or dont remember or made the connection because i was not explicit in the past. when i first started scanning, i've made a dedication but not sure if any remember cos it was not a mainstream book. as this forum got more and more into the digital copies, and since jackangle asked about dcp - i may as well come clean now...i'm in dcp

at least 2 GGers definitely know cos i told recently one of them, and the other is one of my training partners. you want to guess which dcp'er i am?

I figured that you were after you posted those links back on the discussion thread. Cool

i think i'm the only dcp'er here, but posting the links doesn't automatically make me dcp...

so who am i?

i started as back issues, then dcp needed help with coverage on 0-days and i started doing them -- sadly i have to stop buying comics (i am only going to buy maybe 2-3 titles) so my 0-days will be very little, i have loads of back issues that are unscanned