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My S+C coach is an amateur bodybuilder who moved to Iowa from California in the late 80's.Since he used to coach a lot of "names" he would get invited to a lot of big parties and got to mingle with a lot of stars.

His best story is of one party he went to in the 80's.He said there was this drunk hillbilly looking guy talking about Larry Holmes fighting in the corner of this room.My trainer Frank didn't follow boxing that much but knew that Holmes beat Ali so he kind of looked up to the guy.

Well this hillbilly was talking all of this shit about how Holmes would eye gouge with his glove while in the clinch and try to cover it up by making it look like he was pushing his opponent away.He also said that Holmes hit hard but didn't have true knockout power.

At this point Frank got tired of hearing this and says "How do you know?Were you there or something?"

It turns out that this drunk hillbilly was Randall Tex Cobb

sheesh, I wanna hear the answer he gave........... and it was a good story!

Nice story! Tex is the man.

Tex Cobb was awesome in slapping down the
Senators that wanted to ban boxing. He began by
thanking them kindly for taking time out of their
busy schedules to look out for his general
wewlfare, and kept slapping from there.

i remember reading once that tex went to many of these dojos in the 70's and asked to spar. if he could beat up the instructor, then he went on to the next dojo searching for a style of fighting that was worth studying. finally a guy beat him, so he studied that style of fighting. thats how he became a judo black belt.

i dont know if that is true, but it would be cool if it was.

I met Tex Cobb at the Palomino in North Hollywood, CA years ago. He was very cool and funny. I asked him when his next fight was, he said it might be tonight.

I remember he was on David Letterman, and Dave said his name was Randall "Tex" Cobb. Dave said he didn't know what to call him, Randy or Tex. Tex looked Dave in the eye and said, "You can call me Sir".

ttt for Tex Cobb, the man who made Howard Cosell quit Boxing! Tex was also a black belt in Karate from what I understand.

Gary Hughes

OMG, was he the biker that had the cigar in his mouth & got blown up in Raising Arizona??

Gawd I love that movie.... "I'm barren", hahahaha

Cossell was the biggest asshole on the planet, that's what's good about it

Tex was a good old boy!!

Soembody asked Tex if he'd ever been KO'd, and he said, yes by a 150-lb guy.

"A 150-lb guy?"

"Yeah, somebody was swinging him around and his feet knocked me out."

Greatest chin in the last 30 years. He took Earnie Shavers' best bombs and knocked him out.

Kneeblock....Howard Cosell quit announcing Boxing after Holmes beat on Cobb an entire fight and couldn't knock Cobb out. It was a one-sided fight, with Larry hitting Tex over and over, but Tex wouldn't go down. Cosell got disgusted that they wouldn't stop the fight and quit boxing.

Cosell was a big mouthed, pompous ass, know it all. Howard could get on your nerves easily. I used to enjoy his little verbal exchanges with Ali though.

Gary Hughes

I'm reminded of the battle of the network all stars.

Gigantor...I am 51 yrs. old. I remember seeing that guy crash on his skis, many times. I forgot about that, LOL.

ttt for the battle of the network allstars.

Gary Hughes