Comihng To Canada....Where to go??

Just trying to find out where we can catch the fights at in Vancouver B.C.

Actually, I have heard that Vancouver is the
Martial arts mecca of Canada. You should be able
to find any style of MA you want.

i don't know about the "mecca". here in calgary we have fairly regular muay Thai fights and have had a number of vale tudo type shows. but...i guess that doesn't really answer Scrappy's question. :)

In B.C. and the west, Soares is the place to be, churning out top-notch competitors and he is a long time member of Carlson Gracie's team. There should be some good chinese martial arts schools there too, but they aren't publicized.

In Calgary, Mike Miles has the best MT circuit in Canada with a lot of top fighters. It is said some of his fighters sandbag, but i have no personal confirmation of that. quality MT with some fights on TSN.

In Ontario, Hamilton is the centre of the grappling MMA scene there, and also the best Judo school in Ontario is there. There are also quality MMA and grappling schools in based in Toronto. Ottawa is doesn't have as much, but they have an elite sambo multiple champion in Igor Yakimov.

MOntreal has great boxers, and a solid MMA scene, with UCC going on. Montreal has the best Judo in Canada at the shidokan, and A Brazilian BJJ blackbelt is there.
The scene's biggest strength is boxing and judo and possibly kickboxing.

Clarification on my post, the BJJ Blackbelt in Montreal is not at the Judo club, the sentence was ambiguous.

alpha male- i'm a little biased but yeah I think National is the way to go. mauy Thai, BJJ, Boxing and vale tudo. oh and there's also karate. downtown mt gym is open at least noon-9:30 every day, and the BJJ gym is open 5-9:30ish everyday. no limits to how often you go. if you pay for one gym you can go to any of the others...there's about 4 or 5 in the city itself. check 'em out