Coming soon: M$ on every DVD giant wins provisional OK for video standard By Stefanie Olsen Updated: 5:30 p.m. ET Feb. 27, 2004An industry standards group has made a preliminary decision to include Microsoft's video compression technology in a next-generation DVD format, giving the company a key boost in the digital media arena.(continued within linked page)


giving Microsoft power over your product is almost
certain death to your company's long term health.

Wow can't wait till my DVD player requires a service pack

lol @ sicko.

Service Pack? Probably a firmware "upgrade" that 1 has to be burn to a CD ... there goes the "user experience"

Blue Screen of Death on DVD players

sounds like fun

but now dvd players should be hackable and even with ability to get virus's lol

Hope the DVD players have CTRL+AL+DLT capabilities