Coming soon to Denver, IFL tryouts

No date set yet but Mark Kerr will be having tryouts very soon to fill the roster for his IFL team. Obviously he'll be doing some recruiting too, but he doesn't want to miss out on any talented fighters, so he decided that tryouts would be a good idea.

I will post times and dates as soon as I know them. I'll also try to give you a heads up as far as what the tryouts will entail as much as possible. In the meantime... start preparing!

You can forward contact info to in the meantime. We'll let you know when we concrete our plans.

Please bump this up even if you're not personally interested in this opportunity. Thanks.

ttt for jake "thunder" hattan



Chad, call me when you get this - Jeff


can you e-mail me at

Nick Thompson

Can I try out and get my ass kicked just so I can say I tried out?????




Chad check ur mail

Will they have LightWeight fighters in the tryouts..?





can you e-mail me. I have someone very interested in the lightweight spot on Kerr's team, but I'd like to send you some info and highlight video.

Chris Palmquist

Chad, have Mark get in touch with me. I've got two excellent guys at 205 and heavyweight who might be interested.


  • Josh Williams

Who needs tryouts? Joe Lauzon would be a perfect 155 lb'er for this team at 12-3 as pro, and 12-1 at 155.

I will be the mascot and resident punching bag.

We could be the Denver "Deer Ticks" or the Colorado "Colfax Crack Hustlers".... I'll dress up as either of those.

Kerr's team should just be called The Smashing Machine

I think he is going to go with the shaved monkeys or the antelope

Contact info update:


Send your letter of interest and bio directly to Mark Kerr at: or mail video to Grappler's Edge, P.O. Box 172571, Denver, CO 80217.