Coming to America 3: Shanghai Nights

While it is likely way harder to revolt there, they locked down 20+ MILLION people, and for longer than they said. They lack food and all. If thy don’t revolt now, when???

Fucking White people…

I think people are screaming because 99% of them didn’t spring $200 for an AC unit.

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It’s like we are looking through a looking glass of things to come. If you don’t prepare and buy food you will be sorry

They wore masks before COVID.

Not here in the states

And im talking about American Asians wesring masks outside, inside their own cars, alone

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China is such asshoe

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I’ve noticed that too. Asians have stayed with the masks more than an other ethnicity/race where I live from my own experience.

It’s normal for Asians to wear masks for health reason – way before Covid. IE…you have allergies or a slight cold.

Why not just put people in shipping containers. That should solve the covid problem. Maybe AIDS patients could be stored in trash cans? What could go wrong?

Canada will get there first. We still have vaxx mandates in place to be able to work for the Federal Government. Fuck Trudeau!

Oh yeah, China is asshoe!

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This is what modern day technocratic slavery looks like.

CCP lockdowns have nothing to do with covid. This is all slave conditioning for the population. China has terrible demographics and does not even produce enough food and energy for all the people they have.

CCP lockdowns are about the CCP maintaining control of the Chinese people.

The people that want further lockdowns in the US just want further control.