Commander vs. CQC-7

What's up everybody! This weekend when I get paid I'm going to purchase either an Emerson Commander or a tanto-style CQC-7. Can anyone with knowledge and/or experience with both of these blades tell me why they prefer one over the other; I've narrowed it down to these two, but I can't seem to make a decision between them. Thanks!


Ive made a few posts about both on this forum..see if they havent expired yet. I have owned both, the Cqc7 for over 3 years, and the commander for about 2 months now. I love both, but if i were you, i would get the commander WITH the wave feature. It is truely amazing and incrediably fast. Check out and watch the video they have of the commander being deployed via the WAVE. If you have any particular questions, post them here and i will help to answer them.

Can't you get the CQC-7 waved as well? I was looking at the Commander because of its slightly larger blade length although I prefer the tanto point more.

Both knives can be purchased with the "Wave".
The most significant differences are the blade
design and the handle design.

As far as blade design, either style is "sharp"
enough to stab effectively. Of course, if one type
appeals to you more........ And, yes, the
Commander's blade is slightly larger.

As far as the handle design, this may be a more
significant difference. The Commander has a
deep choil (the indentation in the handle for your
finger to rest in) which may keep your hand from
sliding over the blade accidentally. The CQC7 has
a "smoother" line to the handle, with a
less-pronounced choil.

The handle preference may well rest on how you
prefer to grip the knife. The Commander is fine for
saber and reverse grip (reverse with edge away
from you), but is uncomfortable in the other two
options. The CQC7 is more "universal", but as I
stated before, lacks the deep choil.

They're both fine knives, you simply need to look at
these comparisons and decide if any certain
feature(s) are must-haves.