Commandos 3 = buggiest game ever

Has anybody else bought this game? Ive never played a game thats crashes this much. The worst part of it is when it crashes it corrupts your saved game file so you have to start all over.

Ive downloaded the 1.42 patch but it still fucks up quite often when I save my game.

Dont buy this game.

I played the demo of that game. It was shit. The poorly implemented 3d view just made the game so unnecessarily complex I gave up pretty quickly.

My advice: try and get a refund.

If you want a great stealth WW2 game check out Hidden and Dangerous 2.

I would try and get a refund but I bought the game from Kmart and they dont refund electronic stuff like games becaue they're worried about people making copies and then returning them.

I think I'll sell the game on ebay and try to cut my losses.