Comment on this major...

what do you guys think?

They have the same major in my department. I don't know too much about it, but from what I've heard those at my school usually don't have a problem finding decent jobs after graduation.

what is your major MikeD?

I'm a physical education major in the health and human performance department (physical education, health, recreation, sports management, atheltic training, exercise science, etc.)

From what I've heard, those in that major intern somewhere w/a AFL, NFL, MLB, AAA, team and often get hired on after their placement is over. I don't know much about pay though.


thanks for the feedback brother!

My only experience with this type of major was when my friend studied athletic training. Basically, the story was that if you did outstanding in your classes and had some type of leverage in the athletic department you could eventually get a spot taping ankles or filling ice baths. Very few people got a chance to work with the football or basketball teams for example. Nepotism and other types of favoritism were rampant. Additionally, it seemed that working with a professional team was next to impossible unless you had previous connections. My opinion would be that this course of study makes sense for an athlete, but might be the best choice for the average student.

thanks FL

I guess this particular major requires some sort of business minor (accounting, finance, info systems, etc.). Would that be a good safety net?